KwizzBit: The Online Quiz Platform You Won’t Want to Miss

Unleashing the power of interactive trivia with KwizzBit, the online quiz app that is transforming the way we play. This innovative platform offers a fresh, engaging twist on quizzes, whether it be at the pub, at home, or under the sun sipping mojitos. The platform makes it simple to host live and virtual quizzes anywhere across the globe!

KwizzBit allows up to 4 players to participate (for free!). However, for those who have an appetite for a larger audience, a paid version allows you to host a thrilling quiz for up to a staggering 100,000 players, with no downloads required. Embrace the future of quizzing with KwizzBit and ignite the spark of knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

On the 23rd of June, the Kwizzbit team situated in Aire Street Studios, with the aim of creating an exciting promotion video in anticipation of their upcoming KwizzBit Live event in July. The team set up their scene in the Leeds-based studio, alongside the assistance of photographer Mark Wheelwright. His expertise in capturing the ideal video was instrumental in bringing the vision goal.

Throughout the day, each member of the team brought their unique creative energy to the table, working on scriptword, experimenting with various camera angles, and perfecting the lighting. There was a blend of focus and fun, as they also took well-deserved breaks to rejuvenate and brainstorm fresh ideas for their event.

Promotion videos are a critical tool as it serves as a visual testament to a business’ commitment and appeal. Recognising this, the team spared no effort in ensuring every scene was captured perfectly. They then navigated through a series of takes, leveraging the latest photography and videography equipment available in the studio.

The day was filled with productivity, punctuated by moments of concentration and bursts of laughter. Hours flew by as they captured takes, each one more vibrant and energetic, and by the time they called it a day, their promotional clips were ready to be edited, each frame brimming with the unique spirit of KwizzBit.

The day concluded on a high note, with a sense of accomplishment radiating from every team member. Their hard word had paid off, and they were one step closer to introducing their next KwizzBit Live event to their audience! 

Rich Williams

Rich Williams is a seasoned broadcaster, having vast experience in both radio and TV. Based in Greater Leeds area, Rich has lent his dynamic voice and compelling personality to leading broadcasting platforms such as Virgin Radio UK and Virgin Radio Anthems. Additionally, he partakes a good amount presenting to BBC radio and Leeds United TV. His passion for media and communication, coupled with his deep-rooted professionalism, make him a notable figure in the industry. 

Rich Williams, an ardent quiz enthusiast and a fiercely competitive player, is thrilled to announce that he will be hosting the upcoming KwizzBit Live in July! The last KwizzBit Live event was an overwhelming success with an incredible turnout; it was a testament to the growing popularity of this platform. Rich is eager to see this growth continue and even accelerate. He sees an exciting goal where KwizzBit Live has grown to such an extent that it regularly hosts game leaderboards, enhancing the competitive spirit and making the platform even more exciting and engaging.

Rich is not just a host; he’s a participant at heart. He looks forward to hosting the upcoming event as he aims to relish every question, every answer, and every moment of suspense as the results will be announced. And while he might get a little too competitive at times, he believes that it’s all part of the fun. After all, what is a quiz without a little friendly rivalry?

So, if you’re a quiz lover like Rich, mark your calendars for KwizzBit Live in July. It promises to be an event filled with knowledge, competition, and loads of fun. And with Rich as your host, you can be assured of an entertaining and thrilling experience.

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