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  1. Actor Headshots - Devon

    2023-05-05 17:01:00 UTC
    Devon Nixon - Actor Headshots Experience - Leeds Within the acting world, an actor’s headshot is a vital ingredient throughout their career, with it being the foundation of their unique professional brand. It is part of the first-impression and a significant marketing tool for any actor, whether they are starting…

  2. Event Photography Process

    2023-04-25 20:04:00 UTC
    Events photography and certainly music photography  is a fast-paced and dynamic field that requires creativity, technical expertise, and the ability to capture the essence of an event in a single frame. From corporate gatherings to weddings and social functions, events photography covers a wide range of occasions, each with its…

  3. Event Photography Leeds - Orbital

    2023-04-25 19:02:39 UTC
    On Wednesday 5th April 2023 I headed out with my camera and lenses to cover a live music event. It has been a while since I have undertaken an events photography photo brief but being a huge fan of Orbital and 90’s rave culture what a great opportunity to create…

  4. Unlock Your Creative Potential with Headshot Photography in Leeds

    2023-02-07 23:20:00 UTC
    Headshot photography is a powerful way to unlock your creative potential, explore different looks, and show off your personality to the world. Whether you’re an actor, a model, a business owner, or just a creative individual looking to express yourself, headshot photography can help you stand out and make an…

  5. Capturing the essence of an actor in Leeds

    2023-01-11 17:43:00 UTC
    The city of Leeds is home to some of the most talented actors in the UK A headshot is one of the most important investment an actor can make and an essential tool in successfully being cast into a role.  With a well-taken headshot, an actor can make a great…

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