Commercial Photography, Press and events captured by Mark Wheelwright.

Commercial photography involves the production of high-quality images of products or services for the goal of promotion or marketing. 

Renowned photographer Mark Wheelwright brings a wealth of experience in commercial photography, aiming to capture impactful images that bolster his clients' efforts in marketing their products or services effectively, as well as capturing the 'moments' within fast-paced events and environments.

There are a number of subcategories that fall into commercial photography - 

An example of these are the presence of press and gig shoots

Press shoots and gig shoots, while both falling under the broad umbrella of commercial photography, serve distinct purposes and are tailored to different contexts. 

Firstly, press shoots typically involve capturing high-quality images used for PR purposes, editorial content, or advertising in online publications, and other media platforms. 

Images for press and PR agencies often depict main events, public figures, or products, and are integral to conveying a particular and precise narrative or message to the public through the use of social media on their platforms. 

On the other hand, gig shoots refer to the live photography of concerts, performances, or events. These require a distinct set of skills, such as low light photography, alongside the ability to capture the energy and emotions of the moment in a fast-paced environment, which Mark Wheelwright is highly experienced in, providing him the ability to achieve this criteria. 

Both press and gig shoots are vital tools in the commercial photography landscape, each taking a unique approach to the storytelling and goals of client/clients.

Mark is experienced at working to technical briefs for print and online publication and can work flexibly to be able to tailor each client’s needs and requirements to ensure maximum satisfaction! 

Provided below are photographer Mark Wheelwright’s previous work within commercial photography.

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