Actor & Creative Headshot Photography by Mark Wheelwright

Leeds based headshot photographer, crafting outstanding headshots that refresh your professional image and helps build your portfolio.

Mark Wheelwright is a Leeds-based photographer, experienced in professional headshots for actors and professionals, who will work with you to expertly create and deliver a photo brief that will invigorate your professional image and online profile.

A professional set of headshot images will convey the character and individuality of the subject (you). 

Composition traditionally centralising on the face and shoulders. The highest possible quality cameras, lenses and lighting are deployed to create photography profiles that leap off the page and draw the viewer in. 

Eye catching and imaginative headshots can kickstart your next gig and help you pivot in a new direction which is important these days and changing job market and fast moving creative industries. Together we will help you unlock your creative potential, exploring different looks, as well as to allow you to show off your personality to the world.

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Beya Millan

It was such a comfortable and amazing experience, with Mark considering that I was quite nervous as it was my first time getting my headshots done, he was very patient and guided me through different stages to make sure I was hitting the right marks and satisfied with the shots. Would definitely recommend it! 10/10

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Testimonial Image Leeds-Photo-Studio-Headshots-Photograohy-Studio-Hire-Leeds-City-Centre
Bille Sugget

Everyone was nice, and also patient with me, I didn’t feel rushed and everyone on hand to give me advice was really helpful. I rate Aire Street Studio 5/5.

Testimonial Image Leeds-Photo-Studio-Headshots-Photograohy-Studio-Hire-Leeds-City-Centre
Devon Nixon

‘Given it was my first time getting headshots taken I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. Mark and Beya immediately took those nerves away by making me feel right at home and keeping me informed and involved throughout the whole process. I don’t think I could have asked for a greater experience’

A professional headshot shoot is an investment and the image gallery can be repurposed and inserted into a multitude of platforms such as Spotlight, company websites, social media or resumes while maintaining a polished and professional appearance. By investing in a professional headshot shoot, you can effectively boost your online presence, enhance the image you would like to convey, and make a lasting impact on potential collaborators.

If you’re looking to get professional headshots that will open doors and potentially change your life then Aire Street Studio in Leeds is the ideal location to shoot, alongside photographer Mark Wheelwright.
Check out some of the galleries, reviews and please drop in and call me anytime if you would like any advice on how to plan your next headshot experience. Mark 

Aire Street Studio - Headshot Packages 

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Quick-Fire Spotlight Headshot

Within this package, you get  a 15-minute consultation. This is where Mark Wheelwright, the photographer, and the client discuss the desired looks, styles, and results for the photoshoot. 

The pre-shoot consultation and planning phase is a beneficial period as it allows to establish a clear prospect, as well as to ensure both parties are within the same page.

Afterwards comes the 45-minute photoshoot, which takes place within the studio space in central Leeds, provided with drinks and refreshments to provide maximum comfort and assurance whilst remaining in a professional setting. 

Additionally, this allows you to relax and for us to get to know more about you and unique offer & personality.

Throughout the shoot, the photographer Mark will assist and guide you through a variety of poses, head positions and lighting set-ups ensuring that there are a variety of options to choose from for their desired results. 

This would be greatly beneficial, especially for clients who are in the creative industry such as actors, due to the fact that they could perform distinct expressions that are best suitable for them and the roles they aim to achieve for. 

Lastly, the photographer will send you a you a private link to a gallery page  where all the images can be reviewed and selected. 

The final selection of 10 standout images will show the best of your character. Following selection the images will be edited and even re-touched to your unique specification.

(enhanced re-touching may be extra depending on specification) at £25ph)

In-Depth Headshot Experience

This package builds on the Quickfire Headshot Package and allows the client a little extra studio and location time to create more looks and time for more creativity! 

Furthermore, this headshot session is devised for individuals who are seeking a diverse range of high-Thisquality images that highlights the client’s personal brand, whilst keeping it professional. To begin with, this package starts with a 15-minute consultation between the photographer and the client to discuss a clear vision and preferences, to ensure a satisfied and effective experience from both parties. 

Moving on, the 90-minute photoshoot consists of exploring a variety of poses, angles, expressions, as well as different backgrounds in the Leeds-based photography studio, in order to capture the client’s desired images whilst engaging with their unique personality and distinct style.

Lastly, the client would then be given a link to a confidential web page of all the images retained from the photoshoot, allowing the client to carefully self-select 20 images that they wish for the photographer to re-touch into a final stunning professional product. With the fact that it is 20 expertly retouched images, the clients would have a flexible selection of images to choose from, which is a perfect fit across multiple purposes and platforms.

Young Actor Headshot Masterclass

The young actor headshot package is designed to focus on showcasing the budding and growing talent of the young individual, whilst capturing the essence of the talent and personality. 

An extra acting coaching professional is available for the first 60 minutes to help the subject prepare. Beya or Devon (Young Actors on Spotlight) 

Furthermore, this session would begin with a 15-minute consultation between the photographer, the actor and the actor’s guardian to discuss specific visions, style and preferences, as well as any additional information that the photographer should be made aware of. 

After the consultation, comes the 60-minute shoot in the Leeds-based studio, which consists of experimenting with a variety of poses, expressions, as well as backgrounds that benefits the actor’s image, focusing on bringing out their charisma and versatility through the lens.

 Throughout the photoshoot, refreshments and drinks would be provided in order to increase comfort, alongside any assistance from the photographer in order to help capture the ideal images and angles of the talent. 

Finally, at the end of the session, a private web page link will be provided and delivered to the client’s guardian where all the images from the photoshoot reside, allowing the client and their guardian to handpick 20 images to be re-touched by the photographer, ensuring every shot is polished, professional and within the right dimensions. Within the acting world, especially with Spotlight requiring it, the industry standard for headshots is to be in 8x10” portrait format, which will be taken into account and prepared before sending the re-touched images back to the client.

Additionally, these professional young actor headshots are not only suitable and perfect for casting submissions, but they also serve as a value to the actor’s portfolio, which highlights their ever-growing potential, as well as to allow them to stand out within the competitive industry.

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