Aire Street Journal

  1. How To Start Acting Baby Steps and Acting Coaches

    2024-04-17 12:51:00 UTC
    If your birthday comes any time after September 7th 1927 (the date of the creation of the electronic TV), chances are you have been surrounded by media in your home your whole life, whether you’ve noticed it or not. Kinetoscope cinema came even further before, with the first cinematic demonstration…

  2. Excel at your Headshot Photoshoot in Leeds

    2024-04-05 08:23:59 UTC
    Words By Nicole Fazlinia / Main Feature Images By Stevie Roy Every day is a blast over at the lovely Aire Street Studio, but today was extra incredible as we had the pleasure of being visited by the next best thing in the modelling world - Melissa @kgatare_. In fact,…

  3. Pathways into Production: Utilising Videography with Kwasi A. Ntiforo

    2024-04-01 10:51:42 UTC
    Words By Nicole Fazlinia. Photography by Kwasi During another perfectly photography filled week, the absolute legend of an up-and-coming videographer graced us with his presence once again. Kwasi, or, made his return to Aire Street Studio to take more behind-the-scenes, content videos, whilst his colleague Yuri (@senpai__yuri) made…

  4. Meet The Creative Team - Nicole

    2024-03-28 16:15:00 UTC
    At Aire Street Studio, our dedicated team, including Nicole, is committed to delivering exceptional service, whether it’s professional headshot photography, a corporate photoshoot, or a photo package, you bet we’re putting our best foot forwards! Nicole’s dual expertise in editorial photography and commercial photography is pivotal to our content creation.…

  5. The Ultimate Guide To Photography Studio Equipment List

    2024-03-13 11:16:00 UTC
    The Ultimate Guide To Photography Studio Equipment List Embarking on the journey of creating your own photostudio can seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite manageable. Equipped with the right gear and a designated space, your photostudio will be ready to go. From there, your success hinges on your prowess in…

  6. Aire Street Studio: Miss England Photoshoot

    2024-03-04 21:41:04 UTC
    At Aire Street Studio we try and write about our photography escapades as much as we can. This time Nicole Fazlinia grabs the pen as well as providing excellent support on the photo shoot, editing video and taking Behind The Scenes images from photo and video shots that furnish this…

  7. Blink Vivid Video at Aire Street Studio: Studio Hire

    2024-02-09 22:27:03 UTC
    Blink Vivid Video is a full-service video production company based in Sheffield. This production company provides innovative and tailor-made video production services in order to help enhance brands across a variety of industries.  Services Offered Blink Vivid Video offers a diverse range of video production services, including: Corporate video marketing

  8. Meet The Team : Josh

    2024-01-15 17:44:56 UTC
    Aire Street Studio, based in Leeds, is home to a talented team dedicated to the art of photography, videography, studio hire, as well as taking pride within the process of post-production and successful results. Among them is Josh, a creative individual with a specialisation in video editing and photo editing…

  9. Understanding Imposter Syndrome in Content Creation

    2024-01-13 14:31:00 UTC
    Imposter syndrome is a prevalent phenomenon that affects many content creators. It is a nagging feeling of self-doubt and inadequacy, where individuals believe they are not good enough or qualified to be doing what they are doing. This blog aims to delve into the topic of imposter syndrome in content…

  10. The Journey of The Acting Industry for Aspiring Actors

    2024-01-08 21:50:00 UTC
    Acting is often misunderstood as just simply memorising lines and delivering them in a convincing manner (or shouting). However, the truth is that becoming a successful actor requires intense training, a wide range of skills, and a whooole lot of patience. The Disguised Virtuosity of Acting Actors undergo rigorous training…

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