Aire Street Journal

  1. Capturing Tech Leaders and Innovators at Leeds Digital Festival

    2023-10-06 08:05:30 UTC
    By Maddie Armstrong Leeds Digital Festival has brought together individuals of all sorts of expertises, across two weeks packed with enlightening events taking place through all of Leeds city centre. From small auditoriums to vibrant cultural hubs, hundreds of like minded individuals have gathered in spaces to network with one…

  2. Leeds Digital Festival 2023: Celebrating Digital Culture

    2023-10-02 16:55:17 UTC
    With the season of Autumn drawing in (cue the pumpkin spiced lattes) the city welcomes the event of Leeds Digital Festival, an open, collaborative, and all-around-fun celebration of digital culture around us! From the 18th to the 29th of September, the event plans to take over with their open-platform programme…

  3. Capturing Creativity: A Memorable Band Photoshoot at Aire Street Studios

    2023-09-26 13:51:52 UTC
    Words By Beya Milan.  The Pretty Ugly is a Yorkshire-based quartet that focuses their musical creativeness towards alternative pop/rock. With their indie rock roots deeply influenced by the 80s, They skillfully blend elements of alternative rock with a pinch of nostalgia to the past, infusing the ears of tomorrow with…

  4. The Art of Actor Headshots: Capturing Versatility and Emotion Behind the Lens

    2023-09-21 21:43:05 UTC
    Words by Beya Milan. Actors’ headshots are not just ordinary photographs; they are an essential marketing tool that serve as the first impression for casting directors, agents, and producers. In a highly competitive industry, it is vital for actors to be up on their toes about how they present themselves…

  5. Jamie Hudson: The Piano-Man with a Picture-Perfect Presence

    2023-09-18 10:44:38 UTC
    In the competitive world of independent businesses, a strong online presence is crucial for success. And when it comes to making a lasting impression, professional headshots play a pivotal role. A quality headshot serves as your virtual introduction, capturing attention and conveying professionalism on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. These…

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