Aire Street Journal

  1. A Night to Remember: Fazerdaze and Al Costelloe’s Music Gig at Leeds’ Headrow House

    2023-11-13 13:56:41 UTC
    On November 10th, 2023, Leeds’ Headrow House was filled with the such an exhilirating energy of music lovers and fanatics, awaiting the performance of the stunning Fazerdaze and Al Costelloe! Throughout the event space, members of the crowds mingled their way through the drinks bar, the smoking shelter, as well…

  2. The Importance of a Showreel for Actors

    2023-11-12 00:23:11 UTC
    Introduction Aspiring actors and seasoned performers alike understand the significance of having a showreel (greatly!). A showreel is a compilation of an actor’s best work, showcasing their range and talent. It serves as a powerful marketing tool when auditioning for new roles and can make all the difference in catching…

  3. Imposter Syndrome in the Creative Industry: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Embracing Success

    2023-11-10 21:00:48 UTC
    Introduction In the fast-paced and competitive world of the creative industry, self-doubt and imposter syndrome can often creep in, hindering the progress and success of talented individuals. Imposter syndrome, characterized by feelings of inadequacy and fear of being exposed as a fraud, affects not only high-achieving women but people from…

  4. Evil Era’s Studio Hire at Aire Street Studio for Their Clothing Brand

    2023-11-09 21:55:11 UTC
    Professional photoshoots are crucial for clothing brands as they serve as an essential tool for promoting products and establishing a unique brand identity. By highlighting the unique qualities of each garment and set, professional photoshoots create a feeling that inspires the target audience about the brand. These shoots go beyond…

  5. Audition to Stardom: Why a Professional Actor Headshots Photo Shoot is Essential in Northern England

    2023-11-03 00:03:46 UTC
    Words By Nicole Fazlinia. As you may have heard through the grapevine, over at Aire Street Studios we photograph plenty of the most talented actors and actresses Leeds has to offer (you could be one of them, just saying). Amongst these wonderful craftsmen, is Wyman Hy, an actor from Leeds,…

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