Aire Street Journal

  1. The Importance of Headshots for Theatre and Screen Actors

    2023-10-17 20:44:50 UTC
    As an actor, your headshot is often the first impression you make on casting directors, agents, and producers. We, as in everybody in the creative industry, know how crucial first impressions are! It is a powerful tool that can either open doors for you or close them (no pressure). Whether…

  2. Girl Scout has a boogie at Brudenell Social Club

    2023-10-16 10:37:38 UTC
    On the 6th of October, Leeds’ beloved, one and only, Brudenell Social Club hosted a remarkable night of live music that will be remembered by fans and music enthusiasts, and, of course, us! Aire Street Studio payed them a visit to witness Girl Scout’s set live and direct, as well…

  3. Catch KwizzBit Live at Aire Street Studios!

    2023-10-11 22:28:39 UTC
    Words by Nicole Fazlinia Fancy seeing you back here, and just in time for (another) blog about everyone’s favourite pub quiz company - KwizzBit. Except this time, they went live in our very own beloved Leeds. Catch our other blogs about them here *insert link*, or here *insert link*. If…

  4. Erland Cooper at Left Bank!

    2023-10-10 11:30:08 UTC
    Words by Nicole Fazlinia For the very first time, I had the brilliant opportunity to shoot an event at Left Bank Leeds, which was packed with some incredible musical talent on, the behalf of Aire Street Studios, without Mark’s professional guidance for the very first time. To be entirely honest,…

  5. Tech Delights: Unveiling the Experience of Leeds Digital Festival 2023

    2023-10-09 08:59:58 UTC
    Leeds Digital Festival has joined together an environment filled with individuals who all share the same interest; digital culture, and how to navigate your way through it. The events within the festivals took place in different settings such as auditoriums, to vibrant hubs, and outdoors On Monday morning, the team…

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