Aire Street Journal

  1. Capturing Sagar’s Team Through Film and Photos

    2023-07-29 21:28:14 UTC
    The Sagars photo and video day 2 kicked off with a variety of errands as the team from Sagars collaborated with photographer Mark Wheelwright, videographer Erin, and assistant Paula. They had set up their equipment in the morning, ready to welcome the employees of Sagars for a dynamic photo and…

  2. Unlocking Success: The Power and Importance of Effective Networking

    2023-07-29 14:08:01 UTC
    Freelance Fest: Speed Networking Freelance Fest takes over, hosted by the collaboration of Leeds Arts University, The Prince’s Trust and Leeds Conservatoire! The event consists of a week-long enterprise program in order to help individuals set-up their business, whilst also being able to develop the practice and springboard into the…

  3. Sagar’s Dynamic Video and Photo Shoot - Day 1 Unveiled

    2023-07-27 21:53:41 UTC
    Introducing Sagars, your reliable partner for attaining your business objectives. As a robust firm that values precision in numbers, Sagars has mastered the art of handling your financial intricacies. Furthermore, consisting of a team of 100 professionals, they have garnered national accolades, demonstrating their reliability in managing tax, accounting, book-keeping…

  4. Embracing Change: The Importance of Flexibility in the Acting World

    2023-07-24 11:57:44 UTC
    The realm of acting is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. Actors need to exhibit a degree of versatility and adaptability to thrive in this industry. A commitment to the craft, an enthusiastic work ethic, and a willingness to step out of comfort zones are crucial aspects in the life of…

  5. Showcase Your Talent: Understanding the Importance of Modelling Portfolios

    2023-07-23 14:37:06 UTC
    Professional modelling photographs are critical for your portfolio for several reasons. Firstly, these photographs showcase your skills and diversity as a model, helping agencies and employers to understand your capabilities. A professional photographer, such as Mark Wheelwright, has the expertise to capture you in the best light, highlighting your strengths…

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