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Aire Street Photography Studio Hire / Steve Shipman

Photographers play a vital role in terms of capturing the essence of moments, attempting to immortalise them through the lenses. Furthermore, in an ever-evolving industry, it is important for photographers to continually keep their portfolios up-to-date. A dynamic and up-to-date portfolio allows these artists to showcase their versatility, growth and improvement, as well as helping them to stay relevant in this competitive industry.

A benefit of updating a portfolio would be that these photographs can attract new potential clients, securing more opportunities, and to show their ability to adapt to changing trends and styles. Steve is a photographer who hired out the studio for the day, and it was such a memorable day-shoot filled with inventiveness and different visions. 

Steve Shipman reached out to Mark through email, with his inquiry being to book the Leeds-based studio out for the day. The process of hiring out was very straightforward and was between studio owner, Mark Wheelwright (Photographer) and Steve. During planning, Mark made sure that Steve had access to any additional equipment that he may require throughout his booking experience to ensure his satisfaction was of high standards. Furthermore, during this process, it was also established the purpose of the studio hire, which is an essential factor in case any specific apparatus is required.

Throughout the day, Leeds-based owner Mark respected Steve’s need for autonomy and privacy, allowing him space to be able to explore his own interests, visions and pursuits. Nevertheless, Mark remained available throughout the session, ensuring that he would be there to provide support or of any guidance if any challenges arose. This balance helped to foster a nurturing environment that allowed photographer Steve to thrive whilst knowing he could rely on Mark when/if required.

It was fascinating to watch as different visions came to life and the space being used to its full potential as making the most of the available area not only increases productivity, but also fosters innovation and boosts creativity from both Steve and Mark. Additionally, by maximising the use of the Leeds-based photography studio, Steve was able to explore a variety of new ideas, leading to the creation of exceptional images and pieces, becoming a great addition to his portfolio.

The studio hire and photoshoot session concluded on a high note, leaving all parties pleased, with Steve feeling content with the shots he took as the day was wrapped up!

Check out some of Steves amazing work here

Steve’s review

have had the pleasure of using Mark’s Studio on two separate occasions, and each time has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. One of the standout features of the studio is its convenient location, situated just a two-minute walk away from Leeds city train station, making it easily accessible. I found the facilities at the studio to be exceptional. Every aspect of the space has been thoughtfully designed and well-maintained, providing a good working environment for my needs. Mark, the owner of the studio, has also been incredibly accommodating. He is readily available to assist if needed, ensuring that everything runssmoothly. However, he is also respectful of my privacy and work process, allowing me to focus without any unnecessary interruptions.

Overall, my experiences at Mark’s Studio have been nothing short of excellent. The combination of its convenient location, exceptional facilities, and Mark’s attentive yet unobtrusive presence has made it a go-to choice for my needs. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a professional and enjoyable studio experience.

Steve is a published photographer who can be booked here 

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