A Night to Remember: The Unforgettable Last Tourist Gig at Hyde Park Book Club

The music genre “90’s shoegaze” is a specific subgenre of alternative rock that emerged within the late 1980s that gained its popularity around and throughout the 90s era. The genre involved dreamy and ethereal soundscapes that features meticulously layered guitars alongside a heavy use of effects pedals, layered vocals, aiming to create a chilled atmospheric and immersive experience to its audience. Iconic examples of shoegaze bands would include My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive.

Last Tourist showcases the talents of John Wellby (guitarist/vocals), Nick Noble (guitarist, vocals), Adam Simpson (synth and programming), and Jason Booth (bass guitar and bass synth). The darkwave electronic shoegaze four-piece, fueled by their passion for iconic bands such as Joy Division, Interpol, and Mary Chain, have crafted distinctive and alluring sounds that captivates listeners. Furthermore, the haunting synth melodies and potent bass lines compliment together in a seamless motion with a wash of reverb guitar, allowing an atmospheric sonic landscape to be created. Additionally, the moody vocals go hand-in-hand perfectly with the sythmic danceable drums that does not fail to transport their audience into a world of emotion and artistic expression. Last Tourist’s dedication towards their  craft and love for the genre has allowed them to forge their own authentic path within the music scene, and on the way capturing the hearts of fans and critics alike.

On the 27th of May 2023, Hyde Park Book Club was taken over by an electrifying hub of music, energy and a whollleee ‘lotta nostalgia. The air was thick with anticipation as DJ sets filled the room, and individuals mingled and sipped their beverages, all whilst eagerly awaiting the arrival of the much-anticipated darkwave electronic shoegaze four-piece band, as well as other bands performing. As the vibrant lights danced and blended across the walls and ceiling, the atmosphere had reached a maximum fever pitch, with the band stepping onto the stage, the venue erupted in a frenzy of applause and excitement. As the band effortlessly wove through their set, alongside photographer Mark Wheelwright capturing dazzling stills throughout their performance, the room was engulfed in a wave of ‘90s shoegaze, the pulsating drums synchronising with the heartbeats of the music-lovers present (including mine!). 

The melodies and captivating soundscapes washed over the entranced crowd, generating a pure and truly unforgettable experience that had left everybody yearning for more as the set drew to a solid close.

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