Beya Millan / Actor Headshot Shoot

Professional headshots perform a crucial role in an actor’s career, providing an array of benefits. To begin with, professional headshots serve as a powerful visual introduction, especially with it being used as the first impression in most cases towards casting agents. Furthermore, by investing in professional headshots, actors project their commitment to their craft and allow them to portray their personality and versatility through the lenses. This would then help them showcase themselves to casting directors, making them more appealing for a variety of roles.

The shoot with Beya was a journey filled with experimenting and gaining one’s confidence. Beya Millan is an aspiring actor based in London and Leeds and attends IPM Acting Academy.

Beya reached out to Mark through an email inquiry, searching to get professional headshots done. The consultation involved Mark and Beya sitting down within the Leeds-based space to talk about ideal styles and poses, and the overall goal to achieve by the end of the quickfire-headshot session. It was Beya’s first time getting professional headshots, so getting a consultation prior to the shoot is vital for many reasons. Firstly, it allows to establish a solid rapport between the actor and the photographer, making sure that the shoot is productive and comfortable for both parties. Secondly, it helps the actor communicate their personal brand, desired shots, which then allows the photographer (Mark Wheelwright) to adjust the session in accordance. Moving on, a consultation also provides a useful opportunity to discuss wardrobe, makeup adjustments, and styling options - this helps to ensure that the results showcase the actor’s versatility and distinctive features. Lastly, it allows for any verification of additional details such as pricing, scheduling, and delivery of the final images, to ensure a smooth sailing experience from both ends. 

Throughout the shoot, photographer and studio-owner Mark, helped Beya through allowing her to portray and feel different emotions, as well as experimenting with different outfits and backgrounds. During this process, Beya had seemingly shown an increase in comfortability, allowing her to really delve into the expressions in order to capture the perfect shot. There consisted an array of moody headshots, neutral, expressive, and commercial, bringing a high level of versatility which is a key factor when reaching out to casting directors and agents.

The results were a set of 10 re-touched images in which Beya and her agent were delighted with and now feature in casting submissions and websites!

Beya Millan - Customer Testimonial

It was such a comfortable and amazing experience, with Mark considering that I was quite nervous as it was my first time getting my headshots done, he was very patient and guided me through different stages to make sure I was hitting the right marks and satisfied with the shots. Would definitely recommend it ! 10/10

Beya Millan - Interview

When did you start acting?

I started acting at a young age, mainly theatre, however I had other commitments such as school, dance and I was quite active so sport became a priority. It wasn’t until early last year did I start to really dig into the acting industry and become proactive - when joining the acting academy that I go to currently, it really did ignite a spark for me and motivated me to create something within the arts.

What attracted you towards the acting world?

I think that there really is no limit in this career. It’s all about devoting yourself towards a role and putting everything else to the side and to generate art and tell a story to the world - it’s such a beautiful process, truly.

What’s the most challenging concept that you face with acting/the acting world?

I think definitely gaining confidence that what you are doing is good enough and really giving yourself the validation that you are doing your best and you should be proud of it!

How do you prepare for auditions? Is there a specific acting method that you do?

I am a method actor, so really peeling off the layers of me as a person and becoming THAT character, really does the job for me. I have to be careful though to not overdo it because it did affect me at one point for a bit.

How did you reach out to Aire Street Studios?

I found Mark and the studio online! They had excellent reviews and Mark’s previous work from his website really attracted me to his services.

What pose/style was your favourite and why?

I really enjoyed the ones where it was neutral, it really helped me to relax and become self-aware with my expressions - like a nice reset through every take.

How would you review the photoshoot at Aire Street Studios out of 5 stars?

5/5 it was a really chilled and productive shoot! I got really comfortable and confident halfway through and it was hassle-free. Very happy with it.

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