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  1. Meet The Creative Team - Nicole

    2024-03-28 16:15:00 UTC

    At Aire Street Studio, our dedicated team, including Nicole, is committed to delivering exceptional service, whether it’s professional headshot photography, a corporate photoshoot, or a photo package, you bet we’re putting our best foot forwards! Nicole’s dual expertise in editorial photography and commercial photography is pivotal to our content creation.…

  2. The Ultimate Guide To Photography Studio Equipment List

    2024-03-13 11:16:00 UTC

    The Ultimate Guide To Photography Studio Equipment List Embarking on the journey of creating your own photostudio can seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite manageable. Equipped with the right gear and a designated space, your photostudio will be ready to go. From there, your success hinges on your prowess in…

  3. Aire Street Studio: Miss England Photoshoot

    2024-03-04 21:41:04 UTC

    At Aire Street Studio we try and write about our photography escapades as much as we can. This time Nicole Fazlinia grabs the pen as well as providing excellent support on the photo shoot, editing video and taking Behind The Scenes images from photo and video shots that furnish this…

  4. Blink Vivid Video at Aire Street Studio: Studio Hire

    2024-02-09 22:27:03 UTC

    Blink Vivid Video is a full-service video production company based in Sheffield. This production company provides innovative and tailor-made video production services in order to help enhance brands across a variety of industries.  Services Offered Blink Vivid Video offers a diverse range of video production services, including: Corporate video marketing

  5. The Guide to Choosing a Studio

    2023-12-28 09:19:50 UTC

    Searching for the ideal photo studio hire near me is essential for achieving professional photo near me quality in your imagery. While your flat might be convenient or a quiet spot might seem adequate for your shoots, choosing a professional photo studio rental near me ensures access to a versatile…

  6. The Second Half of A Successful Shoot Day At SAGARS!

    2023-12-05 10:09:00 UTC

    Professional headshots are crucial for rebranding and updating the social image of a business for several reasons. Firstly, they make a solid first impression and help establish credibility and trust with potential clients or customers, which is incredibly vital in terms of maintaining the consistency of your company. A high-quality…

  7. Audition to Stardom: Why a Professional Actor Headshots Photo Shoot is Essential in Northern England

    2023-11-03 00:03:00 UTC

    Words By Nicole Fazlinia. As you may have heard through the grapevine, over at Aire Street Studios we photograph plenty of the most talented actors and actresses Leeds has to offer (you could be one of them, just saying). Amongst these wonderful craftsmen, is Wyman Hy, an actor from Leeds,…

  8. The Ultimate Guide to Headshots: Expert Tips & Advice

    2023-09-15 08:03:00 UTC

    In today’s digital age, where online presence is paramount, having a captivating headshot is crucial for individuals in various industries. Whether you’re an actor, creative, or professional, your headshot is your first impression, a visual representation of who you are and what you bring to the table. In this comprehensive…

  9. Leeds and Reading Festival: A Guide to Music, Photography, and Good Vibes

    2023-09-14 21:31:00 UTC

    Words Nicole Fazlinia Leeds Festival Day was a whirlwind of incredible performances, memorable moments, and a vibrant atmosphere that electrified the crowd. As photographers from Aire Street Studio, we had the privilege of capturing the magic of this renowned event. From indie rock to hip hop, the lineup showcased a…

  10. Unlocking the Power of Community using Photography Social Networking Event at Central Square Leeds to Connect with Like-Minded people

    2023-08-17 15:15:00 UTC

    Words by Nicole. At Aire Street Studio, we’re on the road once again.  This time, it was because we were on our way to an event, after having wriggled our way in thanks to the wonderful building manager Sophie (who we met after borrowing the bottom floor for the Sagars…

  11. Bringing Dark Age History to Life: Capturing the Spirit of the Vikings with Photography Studio Hire

    2023-08-11 22:30:00 UTC

    Words by Nat. The Vikings, a re-enactment society founded in 1971, are dedicated to bringing the fascinating Viking Age era to life. With over 1,500 members across the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and the United States, these dedicated individuals actively participate in various aspects of Viking re-enactment. Check them here…

  12. Commercial Photo Studio Hire at Aire Street Studio: Capturing Culinary Delights in Leeds

    2023-08-07 12:52:00 UTC

    As a professional photographer, I have always been fascinated by the art of capturing food in a way that not only makes it look delicious but also tells a story. Food photography plays a crucial role in commercial marketing, enticing viewers to try a product or visit a restaurant. One…

  13. The Art of Image Editing : Insider viewpoint by Josh Flavell

    2023-07-09 08:10:00 UTC

    Josh Flavell The process involved in image editing is one that to some would appear tricky and tedious but to others is straightforward and basic with the right knowledge of what software to use and how to manipulate to perfection. In this blog, I am going to go over all…

  14. KwizzBit Live Strikes Back: An Unforgettable Trivia Experience

    2023-07-08 14:07:00 UTC

    KwizzBit, a popular trivia platform known for its engaging and informative games, has announced its grand return - KwizzBit Live time! This interactive trivia session will be taking place in the renowned Leeds-based studio, with studio-owner Mark Wheelwright being present to be of assistance. The host of KwizzBit Live will…

  15. “Captivating Actor Headshots in Leeds: A Pivotal Step towards Stardom

    2023-07-05 20:53:00 UTC

    Actors Headshots As a working actor, your headshot is a crucial aspect in terms of presenting yourself and your craft. It’s a first impression, a visual resume, and a golden ticket to auditions. Within this guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of Headshots surrounding the perspectives of actors at…

  16. Meet Paula : From Technical University of Dortmund

    2023-06-27 17:48:00 UTC

    Words by Paula.  Paula is the newest addition  to the team at Aire St. Studio. Originally from Gelsenkirchen, an industrial, urban city located in Western Germany, she is studying at the Technical University of Dortmund , in Leeds’ sister city. While she resides in Leeds, she will be assisting…

  17. Honeytrap Band Photoshoot

    2023-06-23 10:50:41 UTC

    Founded in a tranquil Leicester village, a circle of friends nurtured grand aspirations amidst limited prospects, with challenges such as University and the pandemic, yet they re-emerged out of these obstacles and selected Leeds as the launchpad for their dulcet melodies. This dynamic trio with vitality, spirit, and rhythm -…

  18. Beya Millan / Actor Headshot Shoot

    2023-05-24 20:25:00 UTC

    Professional headshots perform a crucial role in an actor’s career, providing an array of benefits. To begin with, professional headshots serve as a powerful visual introduction, especially with it being used as the first impression in most cases towards casting agents. Furthermore, by investing in professional headshots, actors project their…

  19. Actor Headshots - Devon

    2023-05-05 17:01:00 UTC

    Devon Nixon - Actor Headshots Experience - Leeds Within the acting world, an actor’s headshot is a vital ingredient throughout their career, with it being the foundation of their unique professional brand. It is part of the first-impression and a significant marketing tool for any actor, whether they are starting…

  20. Event Photography Process

    2023-04-25 20:04:00 UTC

    Events photography and certainly music photography  is a fast-paced and dynamic field that requires creativity, technical expertise, and the ability to capture the essence of an event in a single frame. From corporate gatherings to weddings and social functions, events photography covers a wide range of occasions, each with its…

  21. Event Photography Leeds - Orbital

    2023-04-25 19:02:00 UTC

    On Wednesday 5th April 2023 I headed out with my camera and lenses to cover a live music event. It has been a while since I have undertaken an events photography photo brief but being a huge fan of Orbital and 90’s rave culture what a great opportunity to create…

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