Honeytrap Band Photoshoot

Founded in a tranquil Leicester village, a circle of friends nurtured grand aspirations amidst limited prospects, with challenges such as University and the pandemic, yet they re-emerged out of these obstacles and selected Leeds as the launchpad for their dulcet melodies. This dynamic trio with vitality, spirit, and rhythm - and they are more than prepared to share their infectious energy with the world. 

Embracing a commitment to kindle the spirits of this generation, Honey Trap’s melodious creations weave a tapestry of evocative sensations that have long remained dormant. Their authentic blend of alternative, hip-hop, soul, and funk unites disparate elements without pretence, developing a straightforward, three-pronged fusion of tasty rhythm. Driven by an unyielding artistic impulse, they supply their audience with the tranquillity of genuine escapism, authentic moods, and heartfelt emotions.

Emerging from a season of tireless rehearsal throughout the summer, Honey Trap has cultivated a renewed fire within their music, as well as an unwavering eagerness to share their artistic offerings with the world.

Honey Trap

It’s important for music bands to get professional photos done due to the high-quality, high-resolution images to allow them to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on their target audience. Furthermore, these high-quality stills are vital for bloggers, press, as well as other publicity aspects within the music industry to provide coverage. Additionally, professional photos can also communicate information about a band’s genre, philosophy, and overall aura, offering a sense of consistency with regards to the brand imagery across platforms. Moreover, a good-quality headshot can also improve musicians’ credibility, giving them an edge when submitting work or seeking press coverage. Overall, professional photos are crucial for building a powerful brand and enhancing a band’s image within the industry.

Communication began when band member Owen Blythe reached out to photographer and studio-owner Mark Wheelwright, expressing an interest in a potential shoot for the band. This led to Owen visiting the Leeds-based studio, where he had the opportunity to converse with Mark and photo assistant, Beya. Throughout this visit, the team engaged in a discussion regarding the band’s desired services and goals for the photoshoot. Furthermore, this valuable consultation allowed all parties to gain a deeper understanding of the clients’ perspectives, whilst also ensuring that everyone was on the same wavelength and that the studio and photographer was equipped to offer the appropriate services. This resulted in the band establishing an ideal date for their upcoming shoot.

Additionally, by engaging in open and transparent communication from the beginning (the consultation), the band was able to ensure that their needs were fully understood and that the photography team could deliver high-quality images that meet these goals. This proactive approach not only facilitated a seamless working relationship, but also fostered an environment of trust, collaboration, and creativity, ultimately leading to a successful photoshoot that satisfied all expectations.

The day’s photo shoot was a whirlwind of creativity and innovation, as the band and photographer Mark Wheelwright explored a diverse range of poses, styles, and backgrounds to truly encapsulate the spirit and energy of the band. Working harmoniously, they then experimented with a collection of different group shots, messing around with angles and positions that highlighted each member’s unique contribution to the ensemble. Furthermore, the team was specifically drawn to a striking yellow backdrop, resonating perfectly with the band’s aesthetic and helped to reinforce their visual identity. This versatility in artistic approaches through the lens ensured Honey Trap had an array of images to choose from!

Honeytrap indie band headshots photographed by Mark Wheelwright from Aire Street Studios Leeds

Hats, Hats, and More hats

Honeytrap indie band headshots photographed by Mark Wheelwright from Aire Street Studios Leeds

Stay hydrated (in style)

During the shoot, the day provided loads of time to mess around with different props, including the use of the studio hats. And of course - refreshments galore from the studio!

Moving forward, as the day progressed, the Leeds-based photographer focused his attention to capturing professional headshots for each individual member of the trio. This not only benefited their on-camera confidence, but also amplified their personal brand, setting the stage for future opportunities and recognition. Additionally, this mutual understanding allowed the musicians to unleash their full creative potential, resulting in a truly dynamic and proactive photo shoot.

As the day was coming to an end, all parties were left in a state of satisfaction and accomplishment. The band had amassed a collection of images filled with versatility and flexibility to choose from, each capturing their unique essence!

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