Aire Street Studio: Miss England Photoshoot

At Aire Street Studio we try and write about our photography escapades as much as we can. This time Nicole Fazlinia grabs the pen as well as providing excellent support on the photo shoot, editing video and taking Behind The Scenes images from photo and video shots that furnish this article.

Although our studio is cute and cosy, complete with vintage furnishing and refreshments, I must point out that we also have a massively highly specified photography set-up with 10X 600watt high speed lighting heads and a huge list of modifiers from  Elinchrom and GODOX, as well as potential access to further equipment. This little studio packs a huge punch and can accommodate any modelled shoot and e-commerce gig you need to shoot - get you a studio that can do both!

Nestled in the heart of Leeds, our near photo studio is a sanctuary for artists and innovators seeking inspiration. Our ‘little’ get-away of a studio is still very much available to be booked out by creatives everywhere and anywhere looking for that extra touch of inspiration, and we strive to help them in bringing their projects to life, even if you choose to self shoot or book our in-house photographer, Mark Wheelwright or independently in a space that’s perfect for realising your creative vision. 

Our leeds photography studio is committed to capturing the city’s essence, ensuring your images reflect Leeds’ unique spirit and character. For a photo studio that’s conveniently located and trusted by photographers for its superior facilities, look no further than our studio near you.

On this particular occasion, Aire Street Studios was booked by an experienced and renowned fashion photographer who chose to make Aire Street Studio his own studio of choice and became (albeit temporarily) a home to the contestants of Miss England. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in, actually. But why on Earth would they pick us, you ask? 

Well, it certainly wasn’t a coincidence. Not only are we a short hop (a mere 50 meter stroll away from Leeds train station) the whole studio is actually fitted with everything a photographer would ever possibly need, boasting backdrops of every colour you could possibly imagine, countless lighting options, professional equipment galore, along with an audiophile quality sound system and speakers for all your Apple Music and Spotify Playlist needs. It adds that extra glamorous touch, and injects all the confidence into the client. Trust us, it does work! Fancy a makeup artist for the extra glitz that comes with a photo shoot? Feel free to bring your own and make use of our vanity, as have many MUAs previously. 

There’s also space behind a divider for that, and runners on hand. You bet we will be capturing the essence with behind-the-scenes shots – it’s all part of the experience. Not to mention, we’re climate friendly! Championing small businesses, we stock them at our bar, (along with the classics) the studios beautiful decor is strictly either vintage, or reworked by the one-and-only Mark Wheelwright, our in-house photographer, who curated the incredible decor of the space personally.

Enough about us, back to the real star of the show - the incredible Miss England contestants. Sure, there’s the beauty aspect of this contest, but it’s also about brains, talent, and making a difference (see, Jo’s monologue in Little Women). Meeting the contestants solidified that for us, getting the opportunity to talk to them one on one about their myriad achievements (and there really were a lot), and why they decided to get into pageantry, with one contestant being the youngest ever as a ‘wild card’ at fifteen. Each contestant carried a unique story of resilience and purpose, highlighting talents that extended far beyond the stage. The opportunity to connect with them one-on-one provided an intimate insight into their journeys, and frankly, they emerged as colossal inspirations. It all painted a vivid picture of empowered individuals using their platform to create positive change. Over at Aire Street Studios, these conversations between shoots made our admiration for the Miss England contestants as not just beauty queens, but as multifaceted, impactful women.

But what is Miss England, you ask? I mean it would be a google search away, but let me spill the tea. Not to be confused with Miss Universe, it serves as a vanguard for intellectual acuity and societal contributions and the crowned winner isn’t just scoring a tiara; they’re becoming the UK’s envoy at Miss World, which we recommend you tune into. Miss England has been around since 1928, making it one of the oldest beauty pageants in the world, but it’s evolved with the times, reflecting changing perspectives on pageantry. It’s a multifaceted celebration, wherein the combination of elegance, intellect, and societal impact converges to redefine the paradigm of contemporary beauty competitions. Last year, Jessica Gagen owned the stage, representing England like a true superstar at the 71st Miss World Final. We’re waiting with bated breath to find out what’s in store this year! 

Aire Street Studio near Leeds has been operating on a low key basis  before and through the pandemic and now out the other side Aire Street Studio has become a haven for creatives seeking inspiration, whether it’s for booking a photoshoot within the wider Aire street workshops space’ professional photographers, our in-house photographer Mark Wheelwright or with booking a photo studio hire your own. 

The aforementioned photo studio hire stint with Miss England contestants was a great example and proved a testament to our photo studio allure strategically located near Leeds train station  and fully equipped with a range of top-notch amenities and services. If you do want to follow in their footsteps and make bookings in the space, pop down to say ‘hi’, and collect yourself some professional photos on the way. We’d love to meet you!

How much does it cost to hire photo studios in Leeds?

The cost to hire a photo photography studio in Leeds varies according to several factors such as size, duration, and the equipment needed. You could also be expecting to pay between £560 and £560 for studio usage. In addition you may expect to find creative spaces whose price is paid in session, other areas which can allow you to rent the studio for a fixed period. These sessions are worth about £450 per session. Nevertheless the sessions duration is determined in different photo studios individually.

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At Aire Street studio in Leeds we can offer studio hire for the day starting at £250 and by the hour at £50ph with a minimum hire of £2 hrs at £85. 

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The first half is £35. The service is aimed towards people with their own camera equipment and need to have studio space in Leeds centre. This kit can include creating full-sized video backgrounds on black or grey screens and the use of our extensive range of grips, lights and lighting modifiers kit.

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