Actor Headshots - Devon

Devon Nixon - Actor Headshots Experience - Leeds

Within the acting world, an actor’s headshot is a vital ingredient throughout their career, with it being the foundation of their unique professional brand. It is part of the first-impression and a significant marketing tool for any actor, whether they are starting out or have been in the industry before, as these images are sent to casting directors when they are wanting to pursue a certain role. Headshots, generally, are the only thing that casting directors really have to go on. Thus saying, having access to high-quality images of yourself that are up-to-date are pretty crucial in getting the attention of a casting director and may increase your chances of getting considered and noticed.

This shoot with Devon was fun, motivating and all-in-all an enjoyable experience from all parties. Devon Nixon is an aspiring actor based in Leeds and is currently attending IPM Acting Academy, focusing on screen acting. 

Devon initially reached out to Mark through email, inquiring about a potential headshot session, due to the fact that it is based within the heart of Leeds, making it easy for him to locate the studio. The consultation involved a conversation between Devon, Mark Wheelwright (Photographer) and Beya Millan (Photo assist). It was helpful with the fact that it was Devon’s first time getting professional headshots done, so really sitting down with the client and getting to know the purpose of his headshots and whether we can do certain angles or expressions where it benefits the desired roles he tends to submit for. During the consultation, the team then factored in other variables such as the agency that Devon was in, which specialises in commercial roles, which brought the team’s attention to considering doing some shots that revolved around seeming more warm and friendly (A lot of smiles!). Moving further, all parties decided on working on a range of emotions during the shoot that portray through the lens to allow the client and his agent to go through a variety of expressions and styles.

The process of the photoshoot was enjoyable and overall innovative, with different ideas bouncing off each other. Prior to the photoshoot, Devon had prepared 2-3 different outfits to help carry out different looks as well as to see if they work well with different backdrops from the Leeds-based studio. There were a good number of moody headshots, mixed with neutral and more expressive pieces that brought out a high volume of versatility. There were also headshot images from the shoot that focused on perfecting that professional commercial headshot look!

The results were a set of 10 re-touched images in which Devon and his agent were pleased with and they now feature on his Tagmin and are used for casting submissions.

Devon Nixon - Customer Testimonial

‘Given it was my first time getting headshots taken I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. Mark and Beya immediately took those nerves away by making me feel right at home and keeping me informed and involved throughout the whole process. I don’t think I could have asked for a greater experience’!

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