The Second Half of A Successful Shoot Day At SAGARS!

Professional headshots are crucial for rebranding and updating the social image of a business for several reasons. Firstly, they make a solid first impression and help establish credibility and trust with potential clients or customers, which is incredibly vital in terms of maintaining the consistency of your company.

A high-quality headshot reflects professionalism and reinforces the core values of the company (trust me!). It also helps the business stand out in a competitive market and create a personal connection with the target audience. 

Additionally, updating headshots can announce promotions, showcase the professionalism and authenticity of the business. 

Overall, professional headshots contribute to building a strong online presence, ensuring consistency across platforms, and boosting confidence. They serve as a visual representation of the brand and can be used on social media profiles and marketing materials.

The Second-half of the day shoot at SAGARS

In the second half of the day, photographer Mark Wheelwright from Aire Street Studio began by setting up in another office space (whilst Aire Street Members Nicole and Beya ran off to treat themselves to a stunning falafel hummus sandwich at a nearby shop, Sesame, and came back with nothing for poor Mark…Sorry). He prepared the lights and a plain white backdrop for the headshot session. To ensure everything was perfect before the members of Sagars arrived, Beya, a member of Aire Street Studio, acted as a test-shoot subject.

Once everything was set up, the first member of Sagars arrived, a former football player now specialising in Audit. He was quite tall, which required Mark to adjust the backdrop accordingly and seamlessly. The team directed him, starting with straight-on poses and then moving to different angles. These varied shots would be used on specific platforms that aligned with the brief.

After the football player, another member went through the same routine, with Aire Street Member, Nicole, jumping in and taking the role of directing the members to pose a certain way, all the while whilst also ensuring that the images are turning out well (we love a multitasker).

Mark adjusted the lights and camera settings to ensure crisp and high-quality images. Following that, Charlotte, a new addition to the Sagars family, effortlessly went through the posing routine. She had a stunning smile and expressed her gratitude for the comfortable headshot session.

With Charlotte’s session completed, it was time to wrap up. The Aire Street Studio team had successfully captured a collection of stunning headshot photos as well as stock videos for Sagars to choose from. The day’s shoot had showcased the professionalism and authenticity of Sagars, meeting the requirements of the stock video briefs and images!

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