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  1. Commercial Shoot with Boxclever Consulting

    2023-12-18 16:58:00 UTC

    Boxclever Consulting Words by Nicole Fazlinia On a particularly gloomy, cold, generally wintry afternoon, Aire St Studios set out to help take yet another set of showstoppingly wonderful headshots. The weather may miserable in Leeds, but over at Aire St Studios, we’re certainly not (although maybe a tiny bit sleepy,…

  2. The Second Half of A Successful Shoot Day At SAGARS!

    2023-12-05 10:09:00 UTC

    Professional headshots are crucial for rebranding and updating the social image of a business for several reasons. Firstly, they make a solid first impression and help establish credibility and trust with potential clients or customers, which is incredibly vital in terms of maintaining the consistency of your company. A high-quality…

  3. Unleashing the Power of Visual Storytelling: Exploring Nicole Fazlinia’s Stunning Graphic Design Portfolio

    2023-08-30 19:23:00 UTC

    Words & Images by Nicole Fazlinia For my Graphic Design portfolio, Mark Wheelwright kindly allowed me to borrow his gorgeous photography space, a professional studio located in the very centre of Leeds, and only a minute long walk from the Train Station, which I will get into the importance of…

  4. Unlocking the Power of Community using Photography Social Networking Event at Central Square Leeds to Connect with Like-Minded people

    2023-08-17 15:15:00 UTC

    Words by Nicole. At Aire Street Studio, we’re on the road once again.  This time, it was because we were on our way to an event, after having wriggled our way in thanks to the wonderful building manager Sophie (who we met after borrowing the bottom floor for the Sagars…

  5. Munya Mswaka “Standout in Leeds: A Comprehensive Guide to Top-notch Actor Headshots”

    2023-07-08 15:46:00 UTC

    The Ultimate Guide to Actor Headshots at Aire Street Studio Leeds Actor headshots play an integral role in an actor’s career. They serve as the first introduction to casting directors and can make or break an audition opportunity. This comprehensive guide will delve into the significance of actor headshots, how…

  6. KwizzBit: The Online Quiz Platform You Won’t Want to Miss

    2023-06-28 23:22:00 UTC

    Unleashing the power of interactive trivia with KwizzBit, the online quiz app that is transforming the way we play. This innovative platform offers a fresh, engaging twist on quizzes, whether it be at the pub, at home, or under the sun sipping mojitos. The platform makes it simple to host…

  7. Meet Paula : From Technical University of Dortmund

    2023-06-27 17:48:00 UTC

    Words by Paula.  Paula is the newest addition  to the team at Aire St. Studio. Originally from Gelsenkirchen, an industrial, urban city located in Western Germany, she is studying at the Technical University of Dortmund , in Leeds’ sister city. While she resides in Leeds, she will be assisting…

  8. Ticket Stub Feature With Chapter 81 and Welcome to Leeds July

    2023-06-26 21:01:00 UTC

    In collaboration with Chapter 81 and Welcome To Leeds with words from  Aire Street Studio The Ticket Stub is back and once again bring a taste of the festivals and gigs coming up in July. As July creeps around the corner, a sense of anticipation wafts through the summer-breeze air…

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