Ticket Stub Feature With Chapter 81 and Welcome to Leeds July

In collaboration with Chapter 81 and Welcome To Leeds with words from  Aire Street Studio The Ticket Stub is back and once again bring a taste of the festivals and gigs coming up in July.

As July creeps around the corner, a sense of anticipation wafts through the summer-breeze air and excitement caves around us, with promises of unforgettable melodies and gatherings. The month ahead is full of diverse music gigs, catering to the eclectic tastes of the crowd, ensuring that there’s a treasured tune for each person.

As the blazing summer sun is cast upon the city, a kaleidoscope of talented artists descend upon iconic stages and venues such as Brudenell Social ClubThe Warehouse, New Headingley Club, Hyde Park Book Club, and Millennium Square. The eclectic lineup, featuring incredible songsters such as Riding The Low, Route 96, The Dunwells, Lumber, Mcfly, Kasabian, Blossoms, The Proclaimers, Bastille, and The Wombats, is set to ignite the dancing shoes of everybody present. On top of these artists and gigs, the legendary Newsam Park Festival unfurls its vibrant musical tapestry at Temple Newsam. So, let us dive headfirst into this odyssey of rhythm and sound!

July is off to a strong start, introducing to the stage indie rock band Riding The Low, performing at Brudenell Social Club on the 1st of July. With their honest and catchy melody that consists of lyrics exploring themes of triumph and loss, and their arrangements of beautifully layered string and brass, their performance is not one to miss. 

At The Warehouse on the 1st of July sees them welcome British music producer and DJ from Richmond, Route 94! With his musical pieces focusing on house and techno music, there is no question that techno rhythms will be utterly enraptured, as Route 94 commandeers the sonic landscape, weaving his melodies into the fabric of the night’s atmosphere.

On the 2nd of July, the New Headingley club comes alive with the soul-stirring tunes of a Leeds-based indie-folk/Americana band, The Dunwells. Renowned for their powerful vocals, enchanting melodies, and heartfelt lyrics, their performance promises to captivate the hearts of many and provide a night of a shared, unforgettable experience.

Get ready to be blown away, because next up is a post-punk powerhouse hailing from good ol’ Hull, ready to rock everybody’s socks off – Lumer! This four-piece ensemble has been turning heads with their hit song “Futile”, a gritty and hypnotic masterpiece. On the 4th of July, they’ll take over the stage at Hyde Park Book Club, guaranteeing a memorable night teeming with electrifying all-around fun.

Next up is the iconic McFly; the band that proves time travel is not only possible, but it can also make you dance (and swoon) like it’s 2005 all over again! On the 6th of July, the British pop sensation takes over Millennium Square for a night of powerful melodies and foot-tapping beats. Boasting an impressive repertoire of seven chart-topping UK singles, six sensational top-10 albums, and a whopping 10 million records sold across the globe, McFly has undoubtedly etched their name in the wall of 21st-century British pop history.

Also heading to Millennium Square is the one and only rock band Kasabian! Formed in Leicester, their rock anthems are set to ignite the atmosphere on the 7th of July, sweeping everybody off their feet. With a captivating fusion of old-but-gold and new releases, their performance invites the audience to groove like there is no tomorrow!

Just one day later, and off the heels of their wildly successful, jam-packed UK tour, the indie-pop sensation Blossoms are set to grace the iconic stage at Millennium Square on the 8th of July! The stockport quintet will be accompanied by the melodic maestro Miles Kane and Liverpool’s indie rock titans, Stone. These musical mavericks have been unstoppable since they took off, and they are more than ready to take you on a journey that will leave you bedazzled and breathless.

Seems like Millennium Square is popping off within the month of July (who’s complaining though? Certainly not me) as they welcome Bastille, a successful British pop-rock band formed in 2010. With this year marking the 10th Anniversary of Bastille’s chart-smashing, double No.1 debut album, ‘Bad Blood’, fans will have the chance to hear the entire album live, alongside other beloved hits. Do not miss this event on the 13th of July!

More for the indie-lovers, we have a legendary English indie-rock band formed in Liverpool in the early 2000’s, The Wombats. These songsters are hopping into Millennium Square on July 14th, with special guests Circa Waves and The Royston Club, adding extra sizzle to the line-up. Prepare for them to knock your socks off with a high-energy performance that’ll have you dancing in no time!

To add to an exciting July comes the presence of the one-day open-air festival at Temple Newsam Park on the 8th of July! If you enjoy the sounds of dance, house and techno, Newsam Park Festival is your ticket to a musical adventure like no other. With the event returning after their successful debut, you can guarantee that they will come back stronger than ever.

So, as this preview comes to an end, it’s now time to mark your calendars, rally your tripe, and secure your golden tickets to embark on a melodious journey this July!

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