Unlocking the Power of Community using Photography Social Networking Event at Central Square Leeds to Connect with Like-Minded people

Words by Nicole.

At Aire Street Studio, we’re on the road once again. 

This time, it was because we were on our way to an event, after having wriggled our way in thanks to the wonderful building manager Sophie (who we met after borrowing the bottom floor for the Sagars shoot, read about it here (insert link)) and of course, we were planning to blog all about it. This time, it was located at Central Square, which was a meticulously and elegantly designed office building just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the train station, and it was to honour the environment in their very own sky bar.

Sophie showed us to the gift bag table, letting us take our pick from a selection of free environmentally sustainable treats, tactically placed to lure the office workers to the bar. Who doesn’t want to spoil themselves whilst keeping a good conscience? It was a free Dove peony-scented bath salts and Redbull dream. Of course, they included DIY grow-at-home wild flower seeds too, so Mark’s garden can finally be as beautiful as theirs. Shortly after, a speech from innovation specialist John Garner ensued, a guest speaker and the Head of Sustainability and the Aire Street Studio team were lucky enough to get the opportunity to host a one to one interview him about his adventurous past life, and get some advice for anyone whose a bit lost in life or stressing; there’s always a way. As it turns out, he actually started out in the RAF, still having a love for design, but retired to looking over design sustainability at 40, and is now eagerly improving pre-existing designs. So for anyone whose not quite sure yet what to do with their GCSEs, A-levels, or degree, there’s always time. He then went on to reassure us that design is more important in society now than ever, used in all sections of marketing, and talked us through how one student he talked to sold a particularly impressive Modernist lamp design to IKEA.

Once we finished taking our pick of the environmentally friendly refreshments and goodies provided lovingly, and generously, by Central Square, building manager Sophie circled back to us. Aire Street Studio then had the brilliant opportunity to interview her about the sky scraper, and found out more about tenants, and the benefits of renting out an office space. Aside from being able to enjoy the Leeds skyline from their wall-to-wall glass offices, tenants can expect free access to the brand new sky garden, as well as 20% off of popular brands using their in-house promotional discount app, such as the wonderful The Neighbourhood bar located on Greek Street for after work drinks and celebrations. If drinks and partying aren’t your thing, many restaurants, such as Juici Sushi, also collaborate with them to make their tenants lives just that little bit easier after their hard work is done. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, Central Square takes care of their tenants! 

Look out for more information on upcoming events and promos, with Aire Street Studio’s possible upcoming collaboration with Central Square allowing them to enjoy Mark’s expertise in professional headshots for 20% less, working with multiple award winning corporations. Luckily for you, dear reader, all hope is not lost if you don’t fancy paying to rent out a whole new office for headshots (although we’d argue it is worth it to meet our fantastic team). The Aire Street Studio team will happily look into fixing you up a stunning, fine-tuned set of photos if you contact us at *insert contacts*. 

Thank you for having us, Central Square!

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