Meet The Creative Team - Nicole

At Aire Street Studio, our dedicated team, including Nicole, is committed to delivering exceptional service, whether it’s professional headshot photography, a corporate photoshoot, or a photo package, you bet we’re putting our best foot forwards! Nicole’s dual expertise in editorial photography and commercial photography is pivotal to our content creation. Her meticulous attention to detail and creative vision are instrumental in the success of our photography shoots. Additionally, Nicole’s flair for shoot styling and direction guarantees the smooth functioning of our studio, ensuring our content remains fresh, engaging, and visually stunning.

Booking a Photo Studio in Leeds

One of the benefits with renting photography studios is that it comes fully equipped with any tech you can imagine. Alternatively, securing our services for photo studio rental, professional headshots, or a commercial shoot also ensures Nicole’s expert assistance (her personal favourite to work on are actors headshots, incase you were wondering). Whether she’s behind her vintage Fujifilm Finepix A370 or the sharp Nikon Z9 and Nikon D850, Nicole excels in capturing those perfect, Pinterest board moments. The resulting images, ideal for our Aire Street Journal and the ‘gram, will become a cherished part of your experience, whether you booked in with us for professional pictures for work, or for the headshot studio. And yes, you can take them home with you. Just ask Nicole or a member of the team to send them over - she doesn’t bite (usually).

Although Mark Wheelwright is the captain of the ship as our in-house headshot photographer, Nicole’s contributions are essential for those looking to improve their photography studio experience. Aire Street Studio offers the finest photo studio for rent, complete with state-of-the-art photography equipment and diverse, visually engaging backdrops (Colorama, incase you were wondering), catering to all your professional headshots and headshot studio needs. It’s fun to mess about with backdrops and looks during photo packages, and we’d love to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re a model or a photographer, our studio is the perfect setting to produce exquisite headshots and your creative vision. Not to toot our own horn, but we always make sure to craft high-quality headshots in our top-tier photography studio, and we do it well!

Our files will available to you via a secure online gallery once we’ve finished up retouching, and are perfect business portraits/staff headshots, or equally amazing for casting sites as actors headshots. They’ve been successfully used on Spotlight, Mandy Actors, StarNow, and Backstage to land some pretty big roles! Equally, we’ve had some good outcomes from our modeling portfolio services. 

Why Book a Photo Assistant or Styling Support like Nicole? 

Its is useful to have support from someone with a fresh unbiased perspective who can set some time aside and fully research your individual needs and help develop a photo brief. Nicole has a modern perspective and a lot of relevant industry experience drawn from various creative endeavours. When not directing and styling editorial shoots in the modelling studio, or perfecting professional business headshots one perfectly placed stand of hair at a time, Nicole crafts engaging content for our website and social media platforms, which you can check out on our Instagram @airestreetstudioleeds. Her blog posts give readers a deeper glimpse behind the lens, using insider knowledge she picked up on sets to offer tips to anyone looking to elevate their professional photo studio experience. 

Nicole’s ability to direct shoots means she can fosters a comfortable and supportive atmosphere during studio hire sessions, providing guidance on achieving perfect headshots and helping clients emulate looks from inspiration boards. Knowing how to pose matters a lot, but when it comes to getting the shot, we are aware it can feel a teeny tiny bit awkward at times staring down.acamera lens. So, she’s always on set and ready to answer any questions, and help direct and distract our clientele. Especially with a corporate photo shoot, or headshot newcomers, we’ve gotten feedback praising this little photography hack of ours. 

Feel free to send along a Pinterest board, if you have any specific look in mind, or a couple photos for inspiration, and Nicole will happily ensure that you can get as close as possible. At our professional photo studio, Nicole assists you every step of the way, ensuring we capture the best you, and giving you a chance to really work your angles. 

Outside the photo studio, Nicole’s is an actress, and a bit of a self-proclaimed filmbro, so if you’ve got any films to recommend, she politely asks that you please do! She’s keen to share her latest picks on Letterboxd, with her current favourites being The Witch, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Babylon, and Fresh. Taking after one of her favourite characters, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, she’s also a Law student. During your visit to our photography studio, don’t pass up the opportunity to swap movie recommendations with Nicole or engage in discussions about Law. Our studio transcends the mere capture of headshots; it’s a venue for cultivating relationships and participating in enriching dialogues. Pop in for a chat, whether it’s about professional headshots, the latest blockbuster, or a Broadway hit!

A short message from Nicole…

Hello! Thanks for reading this silly little post about me :)

Mark Wheelwright is an absolute sweetie, and a pleasure to work with. He’s constantly guided me and shown me the ropes. It’s done bits for my confidence and I’ve really made some lifelong friends on set.

He shot my own actor headshots which I use on Spotlight and Backstage, ad I can confidently say he provides excellent value for money. Good headshots tend to be pricey, but Aire Street Studio’s headshot prices are amazing, compared to some in London which tend to cost £500 or more.

Pop in for a chat like I did and let Mark work his photographer magic - promise it is worth it!

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