Blink Vivid Video at Aire Street Studio: Studio Hire

Blink Vivid Video is a full-service video production company based in Sheffield. This production company provides innovative and tailor-made video production services in order to help enhance brands across a variety of industries. 

Services Offered

Blink Vivid Video offers a diverse range of video production services, including:

  • Corporate video marketing
  • Event filming
  • Music videos
  • Award-winning documentary film production
  • Photography
  • Post-production services

The company prides itself on its ability to tailor its services to any budget, ensuring that clients can effectively boost their brand through compelling visual storytelling.

Blink Vivid Video at Aire Street Studio: Studio Hire

If  you are looking for a studio hire experience that blends convenience, professionalism, and accessibility - look no further than Aire Street Studio, located at the heart of Leeds, right by the train station, offering an ideal space for creative productions. Recently, Blink Vivid Video had the opportunity to collaborate with this studio.

Early in the morning, the Blink Vivid Video team arrived at Aire Street Studio, greeted by the studio-manager Beya Milan. The studio was set up with drinks and refreshments and an area to chill down.

Equipped with their own filming equipment, the team also had access to studio appliances, including a monitor, enhancing their videography capabilities and ensuring a smooth production process.

The studio’s prime location near the train station and close proximity to shops for replenishments made it incredibly accessible and convenient. Throughout the studio hire, Beya offered assistance when needed while ensuring that the team had uninterrupted access to the entire studio space.

With everything in place, the team delved into filming shots for advertising a company, taking advantage of the studio’s amenities and professional environment. They had the freedom to take as many takes as needed to truly capture their vision, all while ensuring they could take breaks if required.

After a productive shoot, the team packed up and concluded their studio hire at Aire Street Studio, carrying stunning footage of their current project.

Your Next Studio Hire Destination

If you’re seeking a studio hire experience that offers competitive prices, accessibility, and a conducive environment for creativity, Aire Street Studio is the perfect choice. Whether you’re a professional team or a budding creative seeking an exceptional studio space, Aire Street Studio provides the ideal setting for your next project.

Drop us a message and let us help assist you on your next creative timing or photography studio hire in Leeds.

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