“Capturing the Spotlight: Real Stories from Unforgettable Actor Headshot Photo Shoots”

Nicole Fazlinia Headshot session

The majority of an aspiring actor’s day-to-day life is swamped with hard work and uncertainty, which is never the case to be shown in comparison to the attractive and glamorous lifestyle portrayed by Hollywood. Often, an individual’s journey begins with a passion for performing arts. Moving forwards, throughout the acting journey and making a name for themselves, they face a number of auditions, finding the right agent, and finding their niche. 

Updating professional headshots for actors is a crucial aspect in staying consistent, for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures that the actor’s image lines up with their current appearance, which in turn allows casting directors and industry professionals to visualise them to fit in certain roles accurately. Additionally, as aspiring actors grow within their careers, their headshots should also align with their personality and showcase their more recent accomplishments, as well as experiences. A fresh, high-quality updated headshot can act as a catalyst to making a strong first-impression, boosting their chances of being noticed and potentially casted. Staying consistent with the trends that lie within the creative industry, whilst also maintaining authenticity with regards to representing themselves, can allow an actor to demonstrate their commitment to their craft, setting them apart from the competition.

Nicole Fazlinia is an aspiring actor based in Leeds, currently attending IPM Acting Academy and has had insightful experience within the industry from a young age. 

Nicole originally reached out to photo assistant Beya Millan, due to the pair attending the same acting academy, to inquire about a headshot session as she needed to update her professional stills for her Spotlight and casting submissions. Moving forwards, during the consultation period between Nicole, the photographer, and photo assistant Beya, which took place in a local coffee shop called ‘The Brew Society’, residing next to the Leeds-based studio, they discussed various styles and looks that would best showcase the individual’s versatility and personality. The photographer, Mark, attentively listened to the talent’s preferences and goals, understanding the vitality of capturing her essence and individuality in order to create a strong first impression. Following on, to ensure a wide range of styles, the actor brought along a variety of outfit options, this is to help demonstrate her preparation and readiness for diverse roles. In addition to the professional headshots, the client expressed her desire to get some full-body shots - this is for submission to different talent agencies where full-body images are a requirement. By having both headshots and full-body shots, Nicole aimed to increase her chances of landing auditions and expanding her opportunities within the creative industry. 

Within the process of the shoot, studio-owner Mark guided Nicole to portray a variety of emotions in a sequence to gain an array of different, yet authentic, shots ranging from a neutral look, then onto a vulnerable/ethereal expression, to a smiling and welcoming guise. Throughout the headshot session, it also involved experimenting with different backdrops, gel-coloured lighting, and outfits. With the expressions, poses and environment combined, resulted in an array of versatile shots that can be used for casting submissions and can be put on websites to showcase herself in a professional manner (such as Spotlight and Backstage!).

The results from this quick-fire headshot session, generated a set of 10 re-touched images in which Nicole was delighted with and featured in websites, additionally also being used to submit her for role opportunities!

Customer Testimonial

Amazing photographer & shoot experience (also a very cute studio) thank you so much Mark!

When did you start acting?

I started acting at a young age, my parents being very supportive, allowing me to continue working on my craft and really getting into the acting world and being exposed to things that are essential for me to grow as an actor.

What attracted you towards the acting world?

I think that there’s just something about creating something unique and visual, and for it to resonate to some people, it really does motivate and inspire me. And also, there are no limits whatsoever so you get to have fun and learn as a person.

What’s the most challenging concept that you face with acting/the acting world?

Definitely gaining enough confidence within myself and giving myself my own gratification that what I am doing is good enough. Sometimes self-detriment can really impact someone, especially within the creative industry, and you have to be able to obtain that vial of self-appreciation and belief.

How do you prepare for auditions? Is there a specific acting method that you do?

Reading and analysing the script, really delving into the subtexts of the characters and countering the intentions so that I am able to put myself in my character’s shoes in order to emit pure emotions.

How did you reach out to Aire Street Studios?

I found Mark through a friend of mine, Beya, as I needed to update my headshots, so once I mentioned my interest, Beya booked me for a shoot with Mark - very straightforward too which I appreciated!

How would you review the photoshoot at Aire Street Studios out of 5 stars?

5/5 ! It was a very chilled and cute space, and very accommodating. Very pleased with the shoot session!

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