Aire Street Journal

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Headshots: Unleash Your Professional Image | Expert Tips & Advice

    2023-09-15 08:03:03 UTC
    In today’s digital age, where online presence is paramount, having a captivating headshot is crucial for individuals in various industries. Whether you’re an actor, creative, or professional, your headshot is your first impression, a visual representation of who you are and what you bring to the table. In this comprehensive…

  2. Leeds and Reading Festival: A Guide to Music, Photography, and Good Vibes

    2023-09-14 21:31:52 UTC
    Words Nicole Fazlinia Leeds Festival Day was a whirlwind of incredible performances, memorable moments, and a vibrant atmosphere that electrified the crowd. As photographers from Aire Street Studio, we had the privilege of capturing the magic of this renowned event. From indie rock to hip hop, the lineup showcased a…

  3. KwizzBit Monthly Update: Rugby League Expert Ross Fiddes Takes Over at Aire Street Studio

    2023-09-13 20:02:30 UTC
    Words by Nicole Fazlinia :  By some miracle, Aire Street Studio didn’t scare off pop-pub-quiz connoisseurs KwizzBit, and they made their monthly return to the studio to broadcast to the masses (otherwise known as British pub bashers). We truly appreciate them here. You can see our other blog posts covering…

  4. From Leeds to Reading: Why the UK’s Top 3 Biggest Festival Has Captivated 75,000 Music Lovers Annually

    2023-09-12 14:48:00 UTC
    Words by : Nicole Fazlinia  Every year, there’s an incredible, good-vibes-filled music festival, held at Leeds and Reading. It also happens to be in the top 3 biggest festivals in the UK, with a capacity of 75,000 at Leeds, and 84,000 at Reading. Incase you’ve been living under a rock…

  5. Prescribing Perfection: A Guide to Doctor Headshots

    2023-09-09 17:53:48 UTC
    Words : Beya Milan  Professional headshots are important in career settings as they can greatly benefit doctors and professionals in various ways. Firstly, headshots can help doctors present a professional image, which is essential for establishing trust and credibility with patients and colleagues. A well-crafted headshot can communicate competence and…

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