KwizzBit Monthly Update: Rugby League Expert Ross Fiddes Takes Over at Aire Street Studio

Words by Nicole Fazlinia : 

By some miracle, Aire Street Studio didn’t scare off pop-pub-quiz connoisseurs KwizzBit, and they made their monthly return to the studio to broadcast to the masses (otherwise known as British pub bashers). We truly appreciate them here. You can see our other blog posts covering other KwizzBit Lives here >>

This month, the brilliant football fanatic Emma Jones was swapped out for rugby devotee (as he duly reminded everyone watching) Ross Fiddes. When he’s not immersed in a KwizzBit takeover, you can catch Fiddes reporting and presenting on the Rugby League with BBC Sports. They expanded their fan base even further this month, with pubs from down South joining into the fun too! 

In case you forgot, the way the Leeds-based pub quiz works is via multiple rounds of general knowledge, with double points questions (but also pesky Evil Questions) dotted here and there, for anyone trying to claw their way back up the leaderboard all the way to the insane prize. Incase the audience forgets, the host, Ross Fiddes in this case, provides frequent updates to leaderboard placements, shouting out the month’s top three pop quiz legends. Cash, vouchers, and one of a kind KwizzBit shirts are on the line!  Not bad earnings for a night at the pub if you ask me.

This month’s questions were as funky as ever, with zodiac signs (calling all astrology lovers), Sweet Caroline (a ‘national treasure’, lovingly dubbed by Fiddes) or pop kings BTS music galore, and holiday trivia. Also, fun facts about Winnie the Pooh, and the cuteness of bears in real life loving honey, versus the horror of them also chowing down on the bees and the larvae Delicious, bee eggs and maggots for dinner. 

For all the historians and other cultured individuals, there’s plenty of questions on flags, locations, international holidays, and even the Chinese zodiac. 2023 is the rabbit apparently, making it the year of hope. Well we sure HOPE it gets better. With hosts like Fiddes and Emma Jones, sport questions are also sure to be sprinkled in there, not to worry, they know their audience well.

Speaking of sprinkling things around, Naz kindly bought some brilliant confetti cannons and even a strip-club-Cardi-B-music-video-worthy money gun. Last KwizzBit stream featured some fantastic party poppers, so naturally they had to step up their game even more for this one. Unfortunately for us, our first trial of the day posed itself right at the very end - the dreaded confetti canon conundrum. After building up all of that momentum (drum roll and whoops included), the confetti canon failed. 

How very anti-climatic. Not to worry though, Team KwizzBit and Aire Street Studio were to the rescue, and personally threw around the golden confetti ourselves. By hand. We then also realised we had possibly flown too close to the sun, and maybe been a bit too ambitious with the confetti-ing of the studio, as we personally then had to clean up. The show must go on regardless, and the audience had a good giggle technical difficulty or not, and that’s all that really matters!

Bringing this article to a close, congratulations to Edwardo from The Victoria for a brilliant win this month, and we hope you have another shot at first place again next month! As always, we were thrilled to have KwizzBit in the studio, and can’t wait to have them back again. Check out our pals at KwizzBit and see how you can get involved and download their fantastic Apps. 

See you all in October Live here from Aire Street Studio on 5th October 2023 at 8pm.

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