Aire Street Journal

  1. Unlocking the Power of Community using Photography Social Networking Event at Central Square Leeds to Connect with Like-Minded people

    2023-08-17 15:15:18 UTC
    Words by Nicole. At Aire Street Studio, we’re on the road once again.  This time, it was because we were on our way to an event, after having wriggled our way in thanks to the wonderful building manager Sophie (who we met after borrowing the bottom floor for the Sagars…

  2. Studio Hires: Igniting Success through Professional Product Photography and Videography

    2023-08-15 09:18:28 UTC
    When it comes to product photography and company videography, hiring a professional studio can be incredibly useful. A studio is specifically designed to deliver high-quality photos and videos efficiently, saving businesses valuable time and resources. Professional product photography is essential in today’s competitive market, with e-commerce sales projected to skyrocket…

  3. Bringing Dark Age History to Life: Capturing the Spirit of the Vikings with Photography Studio Hire

    2023-08-11 22:30:00 UTC
    Words by Nat. The Vikings, a re-enactment society founded in 1971, are dedicated to bringing the fascinating Viking Age era to life. With over 1,500 members across the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and the United States, these dedicated individuals actively participate in various aspects of Viking re-enactment. Check them here…

  4. Get ready for an interactive brain-teaser extravaganza with KwizzBit Live Stream hosted by Emma Jones

    2023-08-10 17:39:56 UTC
    Words & Images by Nicole. Kicking off yet another Aire Street Studio blog post, we have an old favourite. Drum roll, please. If you guessed KwizzBit, you’d be correct.  They’re a new but popular local company, aiming to spark joy for hundreds of pub goers nationwide and the far flung…

  5. Commercial Photo Studio Hire at Aire Street Studio: Capturing Culinary Delights in Leeds

    2023-08-07 12:52:26 UTC
    As a professional photographer, I have always been fascinated by the art of capturing food in a way that not only makes it look delicious but also tells a story. Food photography plays a crucial role in commercial marketing, enticing viewers to try a product or visit a restaurant. One…

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