Aire Street Journal

  1. The Power of Self Tapes

    2023-08-07 07:41:00 UTC
    Self-tapes have become an essential tool for actors in the competitive world of film and television. They allow actors to audition remotely, showcasing their talent and versatility without the need for in-person auditions. The importance of self-tapes lies in their ability to level the playing field, provide convenience, and offer…

  2. Lights, Camera, Action: Devon’s Journey with His First Filming Experience!

    2023-08-05 23:04:46 UTC
    Devon Nixon, an aspiring actor based in Leeds, recently had the opportunity when he landed a role in an independent short-film being shot in his hometown. Devon’s journey began when he auditioned for the role through a self-tape submission. He read a part of the script provided by the director,…

  3. Aire Street Studio Capturing the Essence of Food Through Photography

    2023-08-04 08:54:00 UTC
    In the world of food photography, capturing the essence of a dish is an art form. Aire Street Studio is a renowned photography studio based in Leeds that specializes in food photography. With years of experience and expertise, the team at Aire Street Studio is dedicated to showcasing the beauty…

  4. Unleash the Power of Professional Photography: Elevate Your Brand with Aire Street Studio and Sagars in Leeds

    2023-08-01 20:23:57 UTC
    Carrying on from previous sessions (catch up with us here), the team, made up of our very own photographer Mark Wheelwright, shoot director Paula and runner Nicole went back in for another round of the photography studio’s infamous headshots. To recap, on Days 1 & 2 the team went into…

  5. Capturing Milestones: The Unforgettable Significance of Graduation Photos

    2023-07-30 06:36:39 UTC
    University graduation days are momentous occasions, marking the culmination of years of hard work, perseverance, and personal growth. They are a significant milestone in a student’s life, symbolizing the transition from the academic world to the professional one. Graduation is more than just receiving a diploma; it is a day…

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