Box Fest Food Delights

Boxclever, an experienced and commercially-driven team, is a business dedicated to helping clients maximise value from every piece of customer insight, ensuring their success in every endeavour.

At Boxclever, their modus operandi revolves around four principles to help ensure an engaging partnership with their clients. First and foremost, the team believes in fostering a collaborative environment because greater client involvement leads to sharper insights and more effective solutions. Secondly, the team thrives on challenges, relishing the opportunity to tackle complex problems and ask thought-provoking questions, all in the pursuit of the perfect solution! Thirdly, the business adeptly cuts to the chase, whether it is qualitative, quantitative, or analytics, focusing solely on the story and aiming to deliver a succinct, yet impactful, commercial message. Lastly, Boxclever prioritises impact! Working hand-in-hand with clients to devise creative and commercially viable strategies that effectively embed insights and drive action within their businesses. 

On a sun-kissed day, Boxclever held a unique event called “BoxFest” to bring together their hardworking and talented staff. The picturesque setting was nestled within lush greenery, with trees providing lovely shade and birds serenading the guests with their melodious tunes. Every detail was meticulously planned to ensure the perfect atmosphere for camaraderie and fun!

As guests arrived, they were greeted with a warm welcome and refreshing drinks, served by very accommodating and attentive bartenders who catered to them throughout the day. A skilled DJ  filled the half-outdoor, half-indoor venue with chilled hits, setting the perfect tone for a day of relaxation and enjoyment. Photographer Mark Wheelwright went around the guests, capturing the “natural moments” through the lens. 

Laughter and spirited conversation filled the air as people mingled, their smiles and clinking glasses reflecting the event’s energy. 

The excitement was palpable when guests discovered the thrilling activities being held throughout the day! Archery and crossbow stations offered a chance for the guests to test their skills and unleash their inner Robin Hood. After testing their aim, guests wandered over to a Tipi tent where a flower crown workshop awaited. The activity was a delightful surprise, and the room was soon filled with laughter and creativity as each person crafted

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