Aire Street Journal

  1. Leeds’ Live Scene: Unmissable Music Gigs and Events in August 2023

    2023-07-20 21:33:22 UTC
    As the calendar flips to the month of August, the city begins to hum with a melody of its own. The electric suspense hangs in the air, alongside an atmospheric excitement that resonates with every music lover’s heart. The city  invites solo artists, local bands, and international maestros ready to…

  2. KwizzBit Live: Gear Up for Their Exhilarating Event on August 3rd, 2023

    2023-07-19 22:03:30 UTC
    Unleashing a wave of excitement, KwizzBit took over Aire Street Studios. The spotlight was on guest presenter Emma Jones, who was there to film promotional clips for the highly anticipated KwizzBit Live scheduled to kick-off on August 3rd! The team convened within the cozy confines of the Leeds-based studio, owned…

  3. Spotlight on Success: The Crucial Importance of Regularly Updating Headshots for Actors

    2023-07-15 15:57:45 UTC
    Ella Reynolds The realm of child actors in the UK is a vibrant, dynamic sector, abundant with opportunities yet fraught with challenges. Dominated by prominent agencies such as Spotlight and Kids London Ltd., FACE,  Matt Zina acting, this industry provides a platform for young talents to shine. However, the environment…

  4. Experience the Magic of Cinema at Hyde Park Picture House: ‘Asteroid City’ is a Must-See Film

    2023-07-10 13:37:07 UTC
    Words by Paula. After three years of being closed due to major renovations, Leeds’ Hyde Park Picture House just reopened its gates for the public audience last week. The historic cinema started off its striking revival with screenings of Wes Anderson’s critically acclaimed “Asteroid City”. The first Saturday night screening…

  5. The Art of Image Editing : Insider viewpoint by Josh Flavell

    2023-07-09 08:10:00 UTC
    Josh Flavell The process involved in image editing is one that to some would appear tricky and tedious but to others is straightforward and basic with the right knowledge of what software to use and how to manipulate to perfection. In this blog, I am going to go over all…

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