Aire Street Journal

  1. LeedsFest Day 3: The Epic Finale

    2023-09-08 13:24:20 UTC
    As the first raindrops fell on Day 3 at Bramham Park, anticipation filled the air. But the weather did little to dampen the spirits of the lively crowds and the promise of yet another unforgettable day at LeedsFest. Amongst the vibrant atmosphere, Welcome To Leeds managed to grab a precious…

  2. Capturing the Magic of Leeds and Reading Festival | Aire Street Studios

    2023-09-06 20:05:51 UTC
    Words : Beya Milan Leeds Festival Day 2 arrived with a wave of excitement, as festival-goers were still buzzing from the electrifying performances of the previous day. The spirits were high, and the energy was contagious, as people danced and socialised their way through the festival grounds. Welcome to Leeds,…

  3. Your Ultimate Guide to the Hottest Music Events in Leeds this September

    2023-09-05 16:54:40 UTC
    Words : Beya Milan. By now, you all should know that Leeds is a city that is deeply connected to the music world (hence why I can’t seem to get away!), and with September on the horizon, the city is gearing up to host a series of thrilling gigs. With…

  4. LeedsFest Day 1: A Rockin’ Start to an Unforgettable Weekend!

    2023-09-04 20:00:00 UTC
    Aire Street Studios joined forces with Chapter 81 and Welcome to Leeds to create content at this years Leeds Festival 2023. The weather was great and Day 1 (Friday) was a perfect start to the weekend, as the sun beamed down on the ecstatic crowd, creating an atmosphere of pure…

  5. Unleashing the Power of Visual Storytelling: Exploring Nicole Fazlinia’s Stunning Graphic Design Portfolio

    2023-08-30 19:23:24 UTC
    Words & Images by Nicole Fazlinia For my Graphic Design portfolio, Mark Wheelwright kindly allowed me to borrow his gorgeous photography space, a professional studio located in the very centre of Leeds, and only a minute long walk from the Train Station, which I will get into the importance of…

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