Boxing Clever at Box Fest

BoxFest, the team-building event and summer celebration held by Boxclever, was designed to celebrate the team’s fantastic achievements, promote team bonding, and provide a break from the daily grind. Set in a beautiful location brimming with nature, the event featured a variety of activities, including archery and crossbow, flower crown workshops, face painting, and evening games. 

The event was captured by experienced photographer and Leeds-based studio owner Mark Wheelwright. 

As guests arrived at the beautiful location, they were greeted with refreshments and drinks to help them stay hydrated under the warm June sun. 

With a full day of activities planned, it was no surprise that guests worked up an appetite! To satiate their hunger, a delicious BBQ was served, featuring an array of salads, vegetables, breads, and a selection of mouthwatering meats such as burgers and sausages. The abundant food supply gave guests the opportunity to return for seconds (and thirds!), accompanied by a well-stocked bar offering refreshing drinks to complement their meals. 

As guests feasted on the scrumptious BBQ, they were treated to the soulful sounds of a talented singer who also showcased his impressive instrumental skills. The live music created an uplifting atmosphere, with guests showing their genuine appreciation through rounds of applause. The positive energy that filled the air was palpable, making BoxFest a truly unforgettable experience.

After indulging in the BBQ feast, guests were then presented with an assortment of delectable cakes to satisfy their sweet tooth (and mine!). The pièce de résistance was the BoxFest cake, a beautiful confection that perfectly captured the spirit of the event and the Boxclever brand and personality. With everyone’s cravings fully satisfied, the mood was set for an evening of fun and celebrations, and guests started to dance to the beat of the live music. It truly was a wholesome day!

As the sun began to set and the vibrant moon made its appearance, guests enjoyed a final culinary treat: delicious pizzas and s’mores to share under the early-setting sun. The combination of mouthwatering food and the presence of nature made an ideal setting to create lasting memories.

BoxFest was a remarkable event that provided the perfect blend of team-building activities, delicious food and drinks, and fascinating live music that blew everyone’s socks off! The top-tier complimentary services offered by Hazlewood Castle ensured that guests were well taken care of and left the event feeling full, satisfied, and recharged. Boxclever’s BoxFest was an incredible success, fostering an atmosphere of togetherness and camaraderie. Such events remind us of the importance and vitality of taking a break, connecting with our colleagues, and sharing in the joys of life.

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