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Getting professional headshots done is important for several reasons. Firstly, they create a strong positive first impression, due to the fact that we, as human beings, make decisions on trust within such a short amount of time after seeing someone’s face. Taking the time to get high-quality headshots can help gain a connection with potential clients and employers. Secondly, having professional stills done can help individuals stand out to potential employers as well as to remain top-of-mind to vital contacts. Overall, in terms of investing in professional headshots, it is a worthwhile decision to make in order to enhance one’s personal brand, professional success, and help make them stand out in competitive industries.

Investing in professional headshots is a vital factor for entrepreneurs; it significantly impacts their personal branding and credibility. Furthermore, in the digital age that we are living in today, first impressions are usually expressed via online, highlighting that a high-quality headshot provides an accurate visual representation of an individual’s professionalism, competence, as well as confidence. Thus saying, a well-executed headshot can help enhance an entrepreneur’s online presence on social media, websites, and other essential platforms, effectively also building trust with potential clients and partnerships. Additionally, investing in professional headshots illustrates a commitment to excellence and vitality towards attention to detail, which is important for success in the business industry.

David Franklin is a business entrepreneur and owner of Health Secrets Coach  that focuses on coaching aspiring business start-ups within the healthcare sector. 

In the beginning of the headshot session was the consultation period, conversing with Mark Wheelwright (The photographer and owner of the Leeds-based studio) about goals and potential poses and styles, whilst also countering in the target audience that these professional stills will be aimed to attract. 

The headshot session aimed to provide dynamic and atmospherically lit stills, planning to deliver a diverse range of images for David. Working closely with photographer Mark and photo assistant Beya, the client experimented with numerous poses. These poses involved having direct eye contact with the lens, and candid shots captured during casual conversation to ensure that there is a natural flow throughout the collection of professional images. Furthermore, the team opted for a primarily black background to help evoke the desired atmospheric aura, whilst also incorporating different settings for range and versatility. Venturing outside the Leeds-based studio, they utilised natural light in order to capture additional options for David to select from after the shoot.

Once the session concluded, all members of the shoot wrapped up and were satisfied with the extensive assortment of well-lit and efficient images, ready to be re-touched and polished by photographer Mark.

David Franklin, a dynamic business entrepreneur and devoted coach, has aimed to set his sights on empowering and guiding healthcare professionals to be able to achieve their full potential and hone their craft. With the fact that he had been in the healthcare sector in the last 10 years, he has obtained a wealth of experience under his belt, including an understanding of the challenges and complexities that these dedicated individuals undergo throughout their careers. 

Through his unique and beneficial blend of coaching techniques, expressed through online coaching, he offers a tailored guidance to help healthcare professionals navigate the ever-evolving landscape of their industry and to start-up their own business, with providing the tools and strategies required to overcome hurdling obstacles and a drive towards success.

As David described it, it is as if you are “At the bottom of a well, and you look up and you know exactly where to go, but all you see is these walls all around you. And that can be a real challenge for a business”. That being said, and with the coach experiencing the mental block himself, it can be difficult to get past that point; this is where the mentoring takes place in order for individuals to continue forward to their end-goal. 

David Franklin, a seasoned entrepreneur with years of valuable experience leading and managing businesses, is eager to share his insightful expertise with passionate healthcare professionals. Furthermore, having spent roughly a decade supplying the healthcare industry with their essential equipments, he has observed that with a large amount of practitioners entering this industry field with the mindset of genuine concern for the welfare of others, however, when it comes to establishing and operating their own private practice that is outside the NHS, David counters in that there will be an array of challenges that is bound to arise, making it difficult on where to start or how to attract clients, which in turn making the business blossom. With recognising the vitality of effective marketing strategies, David’s goal is to leverage his extensive knowledge of business management to be able to help aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs kick-start their own successful practices. 

Moving on, David focuses on exerting four essential pillars in order to help healthcare professionals establish thriving practices. The first pillar is growth, emphasising the importance of nurturing a seedling idea and into a flourishing business, or moreso to expand an existing one. The second step is to retain; focusing on the value of keeping loyal clients and ensuring the services provided are up to maximum potential. Following on is profit, as without it, a healthcare business is unable to invest in the necessary resources and personnel to be able to deliver exceptional care. Lastly, the final pillar’s focal point is an individual’s work-life balance. It is essential for healthcare entrepreneurs to prioritise their mental and physical well-being in order to effectively manage their business and to flourish.

Get in touch with David to book a consultation if you are interested in developing your business, particularly in a private health care setting

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Thrilled to have experienced the magical synergy between Beya and Mark today! Beya’s incredible acting talent was put to use, helping me become more comfortable and animated during the shoot. 🌟 She expertly took her cues from Mark, making sure I was relaxed and brought to life on camera. 📹 Absolutely fantastic teamwork. Kudos! #airestreetstudio  #markwheelwright #headshots #PhotographyLife #AuthenticExpression 🙌🔥

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