Capturing Creativity: A Memorable Band Photoshoot at Aire Street Studios

Words By Beya Milan. 

The Pretty Ugly is a Yorkshire-based quartet that focuses their musical creativeness towards alternative pop/rock. With their indie rock roots deeply influenced by the 80s, They skillfully blend elements of alternative rock with a pinch of nostalgia to the past, infusing the ears of tomorrow with a refreshing burst of energy!

Photoshoots for bands are important for several reasons. Firstly, they allow the band to create a strong visual identity for the band. A well-executed photoshoot can capture the essence of the band’s music and style, and what they hope to achieve to come across to their ideal audience, allowing fans to connect with them on a deeper level. It also helps to differentiate the band from others in the industry and make them more memorable.

Secondly, professional photoshoots enhance a band’s professional image. High-quality, well-composed photographs convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail. This can greatly impact how the band is perceived by industry professionals, potential collaborators, and fans!

Last but not least, photoshoots provide bands with a range of promotional materials. These photographs can be used for album covers, press releases, social media profiles, websites, and merchandise. Having a diverse collection of visually appealing images allows bands to maintain a consistent brand image across various platforms, effectively promoting their music and attracting new audiences.

Aire Street Studio, managed by Mark Wheelwright, is a Leeds-based photography studio that specialises in headshot photography, commercial photography, and editorial photography! Hiring a studio like Aire Street Studio can be incredibly useful for bands as it provides a dedicated space equipped with a wide range of photography and video equipment for photo and video shoots (wink wink, nudge nudge to all artists). 

Pretty Ugly, sought out the expertise of renowned photographer and studio owner, Mark Wheelwright, for a potential studio-hire for a band photoshoot!

The evening studio hire at Aire Street Studios with the band Pretty Ugly was filled with creativity and fun. As soon as the team entered the studio, they were greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The studio had been prepared for the photoshoot, with a white background and perfectly set up lighting (Always trust Mark to be organised!). The attention to detail was evident, and it instantly set the mood for a great session.

The team at Aire Street Studios offered a variety of drinks and snacks, ensuring that the clients had everything that they required to enjoy their time in the Leeds-based studio. The chilled atmosphere and music playing softly in the background added to the overall ambiance, creating an enjoyable environment.

Throughout the photoshoot and studio hire, laughter and jokes filled the studio. Their camaraderie and genuine enjoyment made the session feel more like a gathering of friends rather than a formal photoshoot.

Mark Wheelwright, the studio manager, was present throughout the session, offering his expertise and assistance whenever needed. His knowledge of lighting techniques and composition added an extra layer of professionalism to the shoot. 

In the end, the photographs captured the essence of Pretty Ugly - a band that is not afraid to be different, to take risks, and to create music that resonates with their audience. The images reflected their vibrant energy, their passion for their craft, and their undeniable chemistry as a group.

Overall, the evening studio hire at Aire Street Studios was of a calming aura filled with good music, laughter, and artistic expression (Which is what everybody needs I think for a Sunday evening, don’t you think?!). The band members, along with the team who hired the studio, created a memorable and successful photoshoot that truly captured the essence of Pretty Ugly. 

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