Leeds Digital Festival 2023: Celebrating Digital Culture

With the season of Autumn drawing in (cue the pumpkin spiced lattes) the city welcomes the event of Leeds Digital Festival, an open, collaborative, and all-around-fun celebration of digital culture around us! From the 18th to the 29th of September, the event plans to take over with their open-platform programme focusing on brilliant tech and digital based topics, hosted by the most exciting organisations.

Furthermore, Leeds Digital Festival is a celebration of the boundless possibilities of the digital realm, taking on the role as a platform for great individuals and businesses to come together, share knowledge, and ignite new collaborations (plus, network, network, network!). Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an industry expert, or simply curious about the digital landscape, there’s something for everyone to explore and discover there.

Throughout the festival, individuals who attend will have the opportunity to attend thought-provoking talks, interactive workshops, and exhibitions. With social and networking opportunities, to learn about careers and education, to the world of coding and software developments, and cutting-edge technologies that had gained recognition in our era such as AI, robotics, and the existence of virtual reality. Connect with industry leaders, mingle with like-minded individuals, and forge meaningful connections that could shape the future of digital innovation.

Leeds Digital Festival is not just about the events; let’s be real - it’s about the people who make it all happen. The dedicated Festival team worked tirelessly to curate a programme that showcases the very best of digital culture. 

Let’s talk about these key feature events -

Organised in collaboration with Up and Running and led by the Berwins running team, the event will start and finish at the Sovereign Square. But this is no ordinary run (pinky promise). It’s a chance to explore the beating heart of the Leeds tech scene, passing through iconic locations like the Calls, the Docks, Platform, and the University. And the best part? It’s an inclusive run, catering to all abilities and ensuring that no one gets left behind. So lace up and join the digital revolution in style!

Another event at the Leeds Digital Festival is an informative and forward-looking event hosted by Open Velocity. This engaging webinar takes a deep dive into the trends that will shape businesses beyond the current cycle. This webinar focuses on three key principles that will shape the playing field for businesses in the post-pandemic era. The aims and goals for this event is for the attendees to come away with a clearer view of the marketing landscape that awaits just around the corner. The speakers hosting this are individuals with a great amount of experiences, ready to share their insights! Speakers include Bethan Vincent, founder and managing partner; Jon Paget, senior partner; and Lisa Wood, senior partner.

Hosted by Reprise is another feature event, brand marketers are gearing up as they face economic uncertainty and changing consumer habits. These factors make it a challenge to demonstrate return on marketing investment and connect with prospective customers in the digital realm. However, amidst this uncertainty lies an opportunity for forward-thinking marketers to reset, reflect, and revamp their strategies for long-term, sustainable business growth. Enter the School of Performance, a useful series of practical and actionable educational events by Reprise, the world’s largest performance marketing agency! This event aims to equip marketers with the skills, knowledge, and fresh perspectives needed to navigate new challenges, identify untapped opportunities, and drive brand performance to new heights. Speakers include Tom Clough, Allie Tattersall, Claire Elsworth, James Trott, and Martin Beauchamp.

“Navigating the Job Hunt,” hosted by Cognizant Worldwide Limited. Their panel of recruiters will be covering all things job hunt related, from how to prepare yourself with the right resources and research, to positioning yourself as junior talent or a career changer. The event will also be discussing the art of networking and LinkedIn, and how to perfect your interview preparation and technique. And if you have any burning questions, rest assured they will be sure to leave time for Q&A. Speakers include Ed Donson and Lucy Carder, both being senior recruiters.

Lastly, step right up and get ready to dive into the world of “Compromising Positions”! This unique podcast is here to smooth out the wrinkles in the relationship between the topics of cybersecurity teams and other tech professionals. No more yabber yabber on the “security as a blocker” stereotype - we’re all about promoting a shared language and mutual understanding. This event will be sure to help security pros and tech teams collaborate more effectively for a smoother and safer digital journey.

For their launch episode, they have also got a star-studded lineup of guests joining them every week. From Developers to User Researchers, Designers to Product Owners, Data Scientists to Cloud Specialists, and even C-Suite Execs, AI/MI boffins! This podcast aims to get you thinking about security without you wanting to yawn!

As we head on this digital journey, the festival invites anybody who is interested to join in celebrating the vibrant tech and digital community. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, Leeds Digital Festival is the perfect platform to expand your horizons, fuel your creativity, and connect with a network of talented individuals.

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