Sagar’s Dynamic Video and Photo Shoot - Day 1 Unveiled

Introducing Sagars, your reliable partner for attaining your business objectives. As a robust firm that values precision in numbers, Sagars has mastered the art of handling your financial intricacies. Furthermore, consisting of a team of 100 professionals, they have garnered national accolades, demonstrating their reliability in managing tax, accounting, book-keeping, payroll, and audit tasks.

At Sagars, the company believes in interpreting your data, fostering a deeper understanding of your financial story. The team doesn’t just crunch numbers; they convert them into a language you can comprehend, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

All-in-ann, Sagars is the catalyst for your financial confidence and business growth, supporting you every step of the way in your journey towards achieving your goals. 

Sagars, recently contacted Leeds-based photographer Mark Wheelwright and videographer to provide headshot refreshes and video content for their senior team. The objective was two-fold: to celebrate their employees’ promotions and to refresh their corporate image across professional platforms.

The day commenced with Mark and team heading to Sagars’ office to deploy their equipment. One room was dedicated to professional headshots, featuring a plain white backdrop to ensure focus remained solely on the employees.

In contrast, the second room was designed for videography. This setup was more intricate, aiming to produce video clips featuring different backgrounds, angles, and employee activities, such as conversing on the phone or reviewing documents. The goal was to capture the essence of the workplace in a dynamic and engaging way, reflecting the diverse roles and responsibilities within the team.

The day progressed smoothly, with different employees participating in their allocated time slots. One employee, who had been with Sagars since leaving school, shared her journey and growth within the company. The stories and experiences shared by the employees provided valuable insights into the supportive and inclusive culture at Sagars.

The routine was uniform for all employees: a professional headshot session with Mark followed by videography with Erin in the other room. The team also ventured to a nearby park to film additional scenes, ensuring to fulfill all aspects of the photoshoot and videography brief.

The day drew to a close with the team feeling satisfied with the raw images and footage captured, eagerly anticipating the editing and retouching process. In conclusion, this task not only exemplified Sagars’ commitment to their employees’ professional development but also highlighted the power of photography and videography in capturing the spirit of a company. The project promises to revitalise Sagars’ social image, providing a fresh and engaging perspective on their corporate culture and the people that make it thrive.

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