Capturing Sagar’s Team Through Film and Photos

The Sagars photo and video day 2 kicked off with a variety of errands as the team from Sagars collaborated with photographer Mark Wheelwright, videographer Erin, and assistant Paula. They had set up their equipment in the morning, ready to welcome the employees of Sagars for a dynamic photo and video session.

Their goal was to deliver fresh, updated headshots and videography for the company’s website, breathing new life into the brand. The day promised to be a productive one, with Mark working on capturing the best angles and expressions for the headshots. The employees cooperated, providing valuable feedback on their preferred pictures.

Once the headshots were done, it was time for Erin to step in with her videography skills. The employees were guided into a separate office room, where Erin expertly guided them through the process of creating captivating reel clips. Her adept handling of the camera and understanding of how to best capture each individual’s personality resulted in a collection of professional video content.

The day wasn’t confined to indoor shoots, however. The team then situated themselves in an outdoor setting. The nearby park and surrounding streets were chosen as the perfect backdrop. These settings provided a pleasant contrast to the formal indoor shots and added a unique dimension to the overall visual narrative.

In total, six employees graced the lens on this day. The entire process ran smoothly, with breaks and refreshments provided. The weather, however, was a bit of a challenge. A light drizzle was consistent, making it difficult to capture any useful shots.

However, the team was not to be deterred. With quick adaptation, the team successfully procured a variety of photographs and video clips, each of which hold substantial potential for subsequent use and refinement. These visual materials are destined to serve as integral components within the final product, thereby contributing to the company’s corporate image and branding initiatives.

Despite the weather’s initial threat, the day concluded with a successful shoot. Fresh headshots, engaging videos, and a reinvigorated brand identity were the trophies of the day – a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment.

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