Aire Street Journal

  1. Munya Mswaka “Standout in Leeds: A Comprehensive Guide to Top-notch Actor Headshots”

    2023-07-08 15:46:27 UTC
    The Ultimate Guide to Actor Headshots at Aire Street Studio Leeds Actor headshots play an integral role in an actor’s career. They serve as the first introduction to casting directors and can make or break an audition opportunity. This comprehensive guide will delve into the significance of actor headshots, how…

  2. KwizzBit Live Strikes Back: An Unforgettable Trivia Experience

    2023-07-08 14:07:57 UTC
    KwizzBit, a popular trivia platform known for its engaging and informative games, has announced its grand return - KwizzBit Live time! This interactive trivia session will be taking place in the renowned Leeds-based studio, with studio-owner Mark Wheelwright being present to be of assistance. The host of KwizzBit Live will…

  3. Generation UK and NGTU’s Captivating Second Day Shoot at Aire Street Studios

    2023-07-07 18:19:08 UTC
    In the creative heart of Leeds, Generation UK and Not Going To Uni (NGTU) have commenced their second day of filming at the renowned Aire Street Studios. Following an eventful first day filled with informative dialogues and guest speakers, the team reconvened. The atmosphere was relaxed, a balance of focus…

  4. Generation UK & NGTU’s Collaboration : Aire Street Studios Under New Influence

    2023-07-07 17:48:36 UTC
    Within today, society faces an interesting paradox: statistically over 75 million young individuals are jobless, however numerous employers encounter difficulties in finding the right candidates that obtain the required skills for entry-level jobs. Generation UK is an independent, non-profit company founded by McKinsey & Company, and is there ready to…

  5. “Captivating Actor Headshots in Leeds: A Pivotal Step towards Stardom

    2023-07-05 20:53:07 UTC
    Actors Headshots As a working actor, your headshot is a crucial aspect in terms of presenting yourself and your craft. It’s a first impression, a visual resume, and a golden ticket to auditions. Within this guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of Headshots surrounding the perspectives of actors at…

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