Aire Street Journal

  1. Hyde Park Picture House Photography Assignment Leeds

    2023-06-30 21:52:03 UTC
    Words By Paula Leh. After years of redeveloping one of the UK’s oldest cinemas, Leeds’ Hyde Park Picture House is about to open again to the public this week. First opened in 1914, merely moments before the outbreak of the First World War, the art-house started off by presenting heartfelt…

  2. KwizzBit: The Online Quiz Platform You Won’t Want to Miss

    2023-06-28 23:22:31 UTC
    Unleashing the power of interactive trivia with KwizzBit, the online quiz app that is transforming the way we play. This innovative platform offers a fresh, engaging twist on quizzes, whether it be at the pub, at home, or under the sun sipping mojitos. The platform makes it simple to host…

  3. Box Fest Food Delights

    2023-06-28 22:10:19 UTC
    Boxclever, an experienced and commercially-driven team, is a business dedicated to helping clients maximise value from every piece of customer insight, ensuring their success in every endeavour. At Boxclever, their modus operandi revolves around four principles to help ensure an engaging partnership with their clients. First and foremost, the team…

  4. Meet Paula : From Technical University of Dortmund

    2023-06-27 17:48:00 UTC
    Words by Paula.  Paula is the newest addition  to the team at Aire St. Studio. Originally from Gelsenkirchen, an industrial, urban city located in Western Germany, she is studying at the Technical University of Dortmund , in Leeds’ sister city. While she resides in Leeds, she will be assisting…

  5. Ticket Stub Feature With Chapter 81 and Welcome to Leeds July

    2023-06-26 21:01:03 UTC
    In collaboration with Chapter 81 and Welcome To Leeds with words from  Aire Street Studio The Ticket Stub is back and once again bring a taste of the festivals and gigs coming up in July. As July creeps around the corner, a sense of anticipation wafts through the summer-breeze air…

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