Aire Street Journal

  1. Boxing Clever at Box Fest

    2023-06-25 07:51:52 UTC
    BoxFest, the team-building event and summer celebration held by Boxclever, was designed to celebrate the team’s fantastic achievements, promote team bonding, and provide a break from the daily grind. Set in a beautiful location brimming with nature, the event featured a variety of activities, including archery and crossbow, flower crown…

  2. Behind the Edits: Josh Flavell’s Video Editing Magic

    2023-06-24 18:51:00 UTC
    By Josh Flavell Importing media. Importing media is the first step in the editing process. Importing media, put simply, is the act of choosing a video / audio clip or selecting multiple of either that you want to use in your edit and bringing it into the media pool from…

  3. Kwizzbit Live debut featuring Emma Jones

    2023-06-23 13:31:02 UTC
    What better way to gather friends and family together than a good ol’ fashioned quiz! With this exciting online quiz, it helps to connect us all together near and far with a click of a button. KwizzBit is an innovative online quiz platform that is designed to captivate audiences through…

  4. Honeytrap Band Photoshoot

    2023-06-23 10:50:41 UTC
    Founded in a tranquil Leicester village, a circle of friends nurtured grand aspirations amidst limited prospects, with challenges such as University and the pandemic, yet they re-emerged out of these obstacles and selected Leeds as the launchpad for their dulcet melodies. This dynamic trio with vitality, spirit, and rhythm -…

  5. My journey in mastering the Art of Video Editing: Using cutting edge tools in DaVinci Resolve

    2023-06-16 15:12:00 UTC
    My journey into the art of video editing - Written by Josh Flavell I began my journey into the art of video editing during my time at a building site, turned college campus, at Kirkstall Forge. I started my time there initially to find myself employment in an environment that…

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