Aire Street Journal

  1. Captivating Entrepreneur Headshots: Make Your Business Stand Out in the Crowd

    2023-06-15 07:27:29 UTC
    David Franklin / Headshots for Business  Getting professional headshots done is important for several reasons. Firstly, they create a strong positive first impression, due to the fact that we, as human beings, make decisions on trust within such a short amount of time after seeing someone’s face. Taking the time…

  2. Let There Be House

    2023-06-13 06:05:00 UTC
    Let there be House / Leeds 2023 / Leeds City Varieties  After successful sell-outs at The Belgrave and Halifax that took place in December, there is no doubt that there is going to be an abundance of buzz and excitement when their next performance will take place at the legendary…

  3. “Capturing the Spotlight: Real Stories from Unforgettable Actor Headshot Photo Shoots”

    2023-06-10 13:02:38 UTC
    Nicole Fazlinia Headshot session The majority of an aspiring actor’s day-to-day life is swamped with hard work and uncertainty, which is never the case to be shown in comparison to the attractive and glamorous lifestyle portrayed by Hollywood. Often, an individual’s journey begins with a passion for performing arts. Moving…

  4. Discover the Magic of Leeds Jazz Festival: A Symphony of Sensational Sounds

    2023-05-31 20:44:59 UTC
    What better way than to spend the blossoming summer outside in the heart of Leeds, the sound of authentic jazz lingering in the air, people dancing and making daisy chains on the grass and the sun beaming against your cold beverage of choice? Nothing (Obviously).  A bit of a background…

  5. A Night to Remember: The Unforgettable Last Tourist Gig at Hyde Park Book Club

    2023-05-30 19:45:24 UTC
    The music genre “90’s shoegaze” is a specific subgenre of alternative rock that emerged within the late 1980s that gained its popularity around and throughout the 90s era. The genre involved dreamy and ethereal soundscapes that features meticulously layered guitars alongside a heavy use of effects pedals, layered vocals, aiming…

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