Aire Street Journal

  1. Discover the Magic of Aire Street Studio : Your Go-To Photo Studio for Hire

    2023-05-29 11:10:09 UTC
    Aire Street Photography Studio Hire / Steve Shipman Photographers play a vital role in terms of capturing the essence of moments, attempting to immortalise them through the lenses. Furthermore, in an ever-evolving industry, it is important for photographers to continually keep their portfolios up-to-date. A dynamic and up-to-date portfolio allows…

  2. The Ticket Stub – Music in Leeds June

    2023-05-26 23:11:00 UTC
    In collaboration with Chapter 81 and Welcome To Leeds with words from  Aire Street Studio The Ticket Stub is back and once again bring a taste of the festivals and gigs coming up in June.  With the sun dancing around everyone and daylight hours extending, the month of June can…

  3. Beya Millan / Actor Headshot Shoot

    2023-05-24 20:25:00 UTC
    Professional headshots perform a crucial role in an actor’s career, providing an array of benefits. To begin with, professional headshots serve as a powerful visual introduction, especially with it being used as the first impression in most cases towards casting agents. Furthermore, by investing in professional headshots, actors project their…

  4. Billie Suggett / Actor Headshot Shoot

    2023-05-18 14:14:05 UTC
    Billie Young Actors - Blog Within the competitive world of acting and the creative industry, young actors are constantly seeking opportunities to help differentiate themselves from the crowd, all the while making a lasting impression on casting directors. One of the most crucial factors within the industry is having professional…

  5. Leeds Gigs - Welcome to Leeds

    2023-05-05 20:44:00 UTC
    The Ticket Stub – Music in Leeds - May Words by Chapter 81 with Aire Street Studio We asked our good friends at Aire Street Studio to give us a taste of the festivals and gigs coming up in a new feature we are calling The Ticket Stub.  As Leeds…

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